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The best salespeople in the world are masters at something very important: persuading people to buy. They develop, spot and leverage ‘buying triggers’.

Buying triggers are the things that define why a customer buys anything, why the customer buys from you, and why the customer buys from someone else.  When you have this level of insight into prospects you can win them over by knowing what to present and how to present your solution.  You can qualify real interest - or not - faster, and you can build a healthier sales pipeline. 

In this course, master sales trainer Sam Manfer gives you the keys to unlock the secrets of buying triggers and use them to greater sales success.  Knowing and using Buying Triggers will put the joy back into prospecting and selling because you’ll be more successful. You’ll approach your marketplace with new energy and eagerness that will help you control rejections and make better connections. 

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the 4 buying Triggers
  • Explore how to use Buying Triggers to win prospects over
  • Identify how to get a prospect to tell you his or her buying triggers
  • Explore ways to know within seconds that the prospect is serious or not about buying


Last updated/reviewed: June 19, 2021


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
The Four Triggers
  8:40Trigger - 1 Motivation
  4:03Trigger 2 - Business Results
  4:14Trigger 3 - Personal Results
  7:22Trigger 4 - Social Results
  13:28Trigger Questions
  8:42Other Buying Triggers and Conclusion
Continuous Play
  51:43How to Develop, Spot, and Leverage Buying Triggers
  PDFSlides: Buying Triggers
  PDFBuying Triggers Glossary/Index