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This 'hands on' course takes the theory from the course, "Using Regressions for Forecasting", and puts it into practice. The goal is to allow participants to follow along with the instructor and run regressions for forecasting in Excel.

***Please download and open all supporting materials before starting the course videos.***

Learning Objectives

  • Explore how to apply a regression to create a forecast
  • Recognize how to interpret output from a regression
  • Identify the limitations on regression-based forecasts
  • Identify margin of error on regression-based forecasts
  • Last updated/reviewed: October 22, 2018

    Included In Certifications

    This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

    15 CoursesCDAP (Certified Data Analyst Professional)

    1. The Fundamentals of Business Intelligence (BI): What it Does and Why it's so Essential
    2. How is Industry Using Big Data? – A Case Study Reading
    3. Business Intelligence - Data Collection and Cleaning
    4. Business Intelligence - Structuring Data for Analysis
    5. Business Intelligence - Fundamentals of Data Analysis
    6. Business Intelligence - Using Big Data Analytics
    7. Doing Data Analytics In Excel (Hands-on module)
    8. Regressions in Excel (Hands-on module)
    9. Financial Forecasting
    10. Advanced Analytics – Omitted Variables
    11. Advanced Analytics – Fixed Effects
    12. Case Study in Data Analytics
    13. Using Regressions for Forecasting
    14. Financial Forecasting in Excel (Hands-on module)
    15. Blockchain for Business

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    The material was straight forward, and well explained. super helpful for anyone trying to build a forecasting model. I was not sure about where to start, but from watching the sales example, I am confident building a revenue forecast model for my internship
    Anonymous Author
    Once again a knowledge of the exam questions is dependent on the participants enrollment in other programs within this certification program. Useful information but not connection to final exam questions.
    Anonymous Author
    I really loved the employee embezzlement example. I never thought of using regression for that particular purpose.
    Anonymous Author
    Michael was able to deliver the financial forecasting material in a way that was easy to understand and enjoyable.
    Anonymous Author
    needs much better supporting documentation and not just the glossary
    Anonymous Author
    Very good module and hands on learning video and slides
    Member's Profile
    Everything about this course was absolutely fantastic.
    Anonymous Author
    The real life examples were helpful to walk through


    Course Complexity: Intermediate
    Viewers should be familiar with basic financial and accounting concepts. In addition, viewers should be familiar with Big Data and Business Intelligence, or review my existing courses on the topic. Familiarity with and access to Excel will be helpful.

    Education Provider Information

    Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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    Course Syllabus
      00:42Introduction to Forecasting in Excel (Hands-on module)
      13:55Forecasting in Excel Excercise 1
      12:08Forecasting in Excel Excercise 2
      11:28Forecasting in Excel Excercise 2 (Continued)
      38:13Forecasting in Excel (Hands-on module)
      PDFForecasting in Excel (Hands-on module) Glossary/Index
      XLSWorkbook: Forecasting in Excel (Hands-on module) PART 1
      XLSWorkbook: Forecasting in Excel (Hands-on module) PART 2
      XLSCompleted Workbook: Forecasting in Excel (Hands-on module)
     examFINAL EXAM