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The topic of ethics is a critical part of today’s business environment.  Often, courses try to teach “what is wrong and what is right." However, those determinations can only be made by the individuals who are applying the theory.  Psychological theories outline multiple ethical theories.  Each has its own benefits and downfalls.  The ethical theory employed for decision making emphasizes aspects of an ethical dilemma important to the person.  Understanding the variations in the ethical theories can help professionals understand their control environment and the culture in which they are operating.

Psychology of Ethics Part 1 reviewed: Meta-ethical theories; Normative ethical theories – Consequentialism, Deontology and Virtue.  Each analysis included business examples.  This course reviews descriptive ethics and applied ethics and their application in business.

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

2 CoursesPsychology Behind Ethics

  1. Ethics and Psychology: Part 1
  2. Ethics and Psychology: Part 2

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the meaning of descriptive ethics and recognize its business application.
  • Identify the types of applied ethics.
  • Explore the various categories of business ethics.
  • Explore the various categories of professional ethics.
  • Recognize how descriptive ethics and applied ethics impact business.
Last updated/reviewed: November 26, 2019

Included In Certifications

This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

15 CoursesEthical Leadership Certification

  1. History of Ethics
  2. Ethics and Psychology: Part 1
  3. Ethics and Psychology: Part 2
  4. COSO 2013 Control Environment
  5. Today’s Corporate Ethical Culture - An updated course
  6. Managing Through Corporate Politics
  7. Real World Business Ethics Scenarios
  8. Relationship between Ethics, Morality, and the Law
  9. Impact of Ethics on Leadership
  10. Traits and Skills of the Ethical Leader
  11. Framework for Ethical Decision Making
  12. Keys to an Effective Code of Conduct
  13. Keys to Understanding Conflicts of Interest
  14. Whistleblower Hotlines - History and Regulations
  15. Whistleblower Hotlines - Effective Management

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Anonymous Author
This course should be taken in conjunction with Part I. These concepts seem obvious (like consideration of multi-cultural environment when setting ethics for global company), but I saw actual examples when companies were not aware about such things. So systematic guidance on these issues is really useful.
Member's Profile
Fantastic class. In this and the previous class, Lynn explains the various principles behind ethics. As with her other classes, Lynn provides great examples. I like taking her exams because they make me think using the theories I just learned in class.
Anonymous Author
The most interesting part I found in this course was how descriptive ethics plays an important role in helping to create a more effective code of conduct, in an ever evolving and multi-cultured world.
Member's Profile
This was an excellent, non-judgmental presentation. Fountain presents potential controversial topics and allows facts, rather than personal opinions.
Anonymous Author
Surprising presentation. I did not know there is such a variety of ethics theories and applications. Very interesting presentation. Suitable to all.
Member's Profile
Descriptive Ethics was more difficult to understand than the Applied Ethics because we see the applied ethics more in everyday life.
Member's Profile
This was course 3 in this ethics series. They where all great and Lynn runs a nice program. Huge ethics leaning opportunity.
Member's Profile
The course content was thorough and easy to understood. The instructor provided anecdotes to make the content more memorable.
Member's Profile
This was a very informative presentation and also interesting - good examples of various ethical concepts were included.
Member's Profile
Very interesting concepts. Expanded the first two courses nicely and I found it very informative.
Anonymous Author
Good informational course, well developed, structured, and presented.
Anonymous Author
The speaker is amazing. I am amazed at her extensive knowledge.
Anonymous Author
A great overview of descriptive and applied business ethics.
Anonymous Author
well thought out and acceptable for cpe review purposes
Anonymous Author
Better understanding of types of Ethics in business.
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Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other course in the series prior to completing this one.

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Course Syllabus
  3:40Introduction To The Psychology Behind Ethics Part 2
Descriptive & Applied Ethics
  14:35Descriptive Ethics
  2:46Descriptive Ethics in Business
  5:15Descriptive Philosophers
  6:52Applied Ethics
  10:34Business Ethics
  8:12Professional Ethics
  6:28Using Theories in Business and Summary
  58:24Psychology Behind Ethics Part 2
  PDFSlides: Psychology Behind Ethics Part 2
  PDFPsychology Behind Ethics Part 2 Glossary/Index
  quizReview Questions
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