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Today’s managers are faced with responsibilities for functional and staff management, as well as developing strategies for growth, leading teams, and staying competitive in evolving industries and markets globally. The range of knowledge and skills required by corporate managers requires the breadth of readily applicable concepts present in this course series.

The courses addresses the major components of business: strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship, organizational theory, international business, innovation, and finance. The lessons include a large and diverse set of management research, often accessible only to academics, has practical, actionable implications to help in managing an organization today.

Each course acts as a refresher or a way to expand beyond the concepts taught in many MBA programs. Eric and Joe provide a means for managers to reassess and extend their knowledge in the context of their professional experience, and to review the major concepts and put them into a cohesive business strategy.

This course reviews academic models of strategy since the early work in the field in the 1960s. We focus more on business strategy (how a business competes in its industry) than on corporate strategy (which businesses a corporation chooses to participate in). Some of the models we cover include:

  • Michael Porter's competitive forces
  • Institutional Economics approach
  • Resource-Based View of the Firm
  • Strategic Capabilities
  • Game Theory
  • Learning versus Planning
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage and Social Capital
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real Options
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Strategy Execution

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

8 CoursesApplied Executive Leadership Courses

  1. Applied Executive Ed: Foundations of Business Strategy
  2. Applied Executive Ed: Entrepreneurship
  3. Applied Executive Ed: The Essence of Leadership
  4. Applied Executive Ed: Building Effective Organizations
  5. Applied Executive Ed: International Business
  6. Applied Executive Ed: Innovation
  7. Applied Executive Ed: An Introduction to Models of Corporate Finance
  8. Applied Executive Ed: Emerging Topics in Management

Learning Objectives

We expect students to be able to describe:

  • The basic tenets of each academic approach to business strategy
  • How each approach can be applied in real-life situations
  • Some of the risks and problems associated with the approach.
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No intro as to who you are - never introduced yourself in camera. The Supporting Materials (in all actuality, a book) should have been offered first, read and then have us listen to the lectures, I think there would have been better cognition. Video premise a little hokey and contrived, very informative, nice crisp segments. The Further Reading/Reference Cites is extremely large and I'm sure very complete, thank you.
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Great course for those looking for learning or reviewing the basics of Business Strategy. Good summary of Business Strategy through the years. I`ve enjoyed the pace in which chapters were presented by Professor Joseph LiPuma and the ability to go back and forward through the content.
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The times on the first several segments were overstated. I also thought the "classroom" of two student was a little hokey. A course outline would have been a good thing to have to follow along. I did get a basic understanding of business strategy.
Anonymous Author
Very interesting discussion regarding strategy. The stories regarding the different companies and how they compete make the course more interesting. It would have helped if the slides are provided.
Anonymous Author
Good high-level summary of business strategy, though could probably be broken into a few more in-depth courses for value. The mock classroom presentation is suuuuuper weird.
Anonymous Author
Great speaker. Hard subject to cover in such a short time period - however he did a good job.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  4:37Early Models of Strategy
  6:45Institutional Economics
  2:16Resource Based View of Strategy
  7:08Strategic Capabilities
  3:45Game Theory
  4:49Learning vs Planning
  4:08Sustainable Advantage
  3:37Social Capital
  4:42Mergers & Acquisitions
  4:36Real Options
  4:36Scenario Analysis
  2:47Strategy Execution
  PDFUnlocking the Ivory Tower Chapter 1 - Strategy