In this course we discuss the practice of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as a collaborative and constructive inquiry process. We start with a brief overview of AI and its links to a strength-based approach to human development and organizational change versus a deficit-based change approach.  This leads to a conversation about the power of positive questioning and storytelling as effective ways to engage stakeholders in change efforts, including a guide to conducting appreciative interviews, and the impact of ‘best past’ questions.  Then, we explore the AI change method in the form of the 4-D cycle: Discovery, Dream, Design, and Destiny phases to tap into the core strengths of the organization. 

This course examines the foundation principles of AI and the research that demonstrates the organizational impact of positive questions, and the relationship between positive possibilities of the future and the resulting actions.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and its links to a strength-based approach to human development and organizational change.
  • Identify the power of positive questioning and story-telling as effective ways to engage stakeholders in change efforts.
  • Explore the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) change method in the form of the 4-D cycle.
Last updated/reviewed: August 7, 2023

Included In Certifications

This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

11 CoursesOrganization Development Certification

  1. History and Evolution of Organization Development (OD) and Change
  2. Organization Development (OD) in Practice
  3. Organization Development (OD): The Diagnostic Phase
  4. Designing Organization Development (OD) Interventions
  5. Appreciative Inquiry in Practice
  6. Organization Development (OD): The Evaluation Phase
  7. Organizational Frameworks
  8. Organization Design Theory and Practice
  9. Leading Change and the Use of Self
  10. Ethical and Professional Practice
  11. Organizational Development: A Tool Kit for People-Led Change (Article)
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I loved the deep dive on AI and see how this is a powerful tool with many applications. I especially liked the examples of activities to work through the 4 Ds with participants. I would love a list of suggested reading to supplement this course.

Anonymous Author
I really enjoyed learning about the power of positive questioning. Using this approach can really help HR leaders, managers, and people in general to get much betters results from their questioning.

Anonymous Author
Comprehensive explanation of AI Suggestion: The trainer could have incorporated actual case studies on how organizations/communities leveraged AI for successful transformations

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I like the part of positive questioning because it made me better see the effect of questions in building a collaborative culture.

Anonymous Author
The depth of instruction in this section was useful to appreciative inquiry potential.

Anonymous Author
It was ok, good info.Im not sure how useful in practice, we'll have to see.

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Great introduction to Appreciative Inquiry and frameworks.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry in Practice8:34
AI In Practice
  Strengths-Based Approach13:56
  Power of Positive Questioning9:23
  Al Change Method: The 4-D Cycle11:15
  The 4-D Cycle (cont'd)10:52
  Appreciative Inquiry in Practice1:03:48
  Slides: Appreciative Inquiry in PracticePDF
  Appreciative Inquiry in Practice Glossary/IndexPDF