Illumeo Responds

To Top User Request - Launches CPE Compliance Monitor

Illumeo Responds To Top User Request - Launches CPE Compliance MonitorFor years Illumeo has been the leader in Continuing Professional Education (aka CPE, CE, and RCH) for CPAs and over two dozen other professional certification types (e.g. CMA, CIA, CTP, CISA and many, many more). But despite having tens of thousands of CPE hours for these professionals and simple CPE reporting, the most common request we got was for CPE Monitoring. And that's no surprise, given how complex the rules are around CPE compliance. There are fifty states to manage, most with their own, unique rules, there are the dozens of other certification types, multi-certificate holders, mins, maxes, time periods, etc. - just too much to easily track. In fact, the tracking was frequently more of a headache than the 40 (or whatever) hours of study that needed completing.

Well, we heard you and we have responded. Illumeo has now released our CPE Compliance MonitorTM and it's done the Illumeo way: it's extremely powerful and full-featured, yet it's simple to use and effective. You can learn all about it here and here, but let's cover some of the basics. Full CPE/CE monitoring for those with a:

  • CPA - all 50 states plus Puerto Rico
  • CA - Chartered Accountants (CPD-IES7, ACCA)
  • CMA - IMA certification
  • CIA and CRMA - IIA certifications
  • CRISC, CISM, CISA - ISACA certifications
  • CIST, CRFS - IMI certifications

For any covered certification we provide automatic tracking of any CPE earned on Illumeo as well as anything earned outside, be it a seminar, conference, in-house live training, or even online training on other platforms. There is a simple form for adding and allocating 'external' CPE and from there it is all tracked simply and seamlessly.

The UI takes a lot of disparate data and makes it usable and actionable. The reason manual CPE tracking is such a nightmare is that there are a lot of facets to any continuing education program, and keeping track of it requires truly understanding how your activity impacts your CPE compliance. Illumeo's CPE Compliance MonitorTM really shines when it comes to visualizing how you are doing against your requirements. It takes that data nightmare and, using charts and clear colors, helps draw your attention to what needs it, which helps keep you on track.

We tested the platform extensively, paying attention, naturally, to encoding the spiderweb of rules, but also to usability. With scores of 'beta testers' we honed and re-honed the user experience to make it all flow easily. However, this is a process that is always changing as states and associations change their rules. So please help us as you use the tool, and send us your honest feedback to infoatillumeo [dot] com so that we can hear your voice and continue to improve upon a useful tool for busy professionals.

We truly hope you enjoy it.