Illumeo launches its continuing professional education (CPE) Compliance Monitor™

San Jose, CA — (PRWEB)— Illumeo launches its continuing professional education (CPE) Compliance Monitor™ to help CPAs and other certified professionals monitor compliance with their critical and complex continuing education requirements. Learn more at

There is nothing more important to the working lives of most certified professionals than maintain their certifications. Most spend years and tens of thousands of dollars earning those certifications and they frequently determine which jobs are gained and lost by those hard-working people.

Alas, managing compliance with CPE requirements is one of the greatest headaches facing CPAs and other certified professionals in today’s frenetic business world. By pure volume it’s an even bigger headache for the firms and companies they work for as they may have dozens or hundreds of such employees they want to keep up-to-date and certified. Everyone wants to make this CPE problem go away. At some point, CPE tracking became in many ways more complex and challenging than the required learning itself, as each state has their own control over rules around becoming and remaining a CPA in the state, and each association controlling other certification types bring yet more rules. It’s a quagmire of compliance.

And it simply needs to get easier to manage. Our users increasingly asked us to bring a solution to bear with the Illumeo hallmarks of being powerful, complete, and scalable, yet easy to use.

We created the Illumeo CPE Compliance Monitor™ to answer those requests. This tool, fully integrated with Illumeo’s already-class-leading on-demand learning platform, does quite a lot, including:

  • Automatic tracking of users’ compliance periods
  • Enforcing minimum and maximum credit needs across categories and required subject/topic areas
  • Enabling carryover credits and special credit requirements in a variety of use cases
  • Initially covering compliance monitoring for the following certifications: CPA for all 50 US states and Puerto Rico, CA (chartered accountant), CMA, CIA, CRMA, CIST, CRFS, CISA, CISM, and CRISC, with more coming soon.
  • Providing multiple certification tracking for an individual
  • Tracking credits earned anywhere, on any platform, and in any format (online, on-demand, live, in-house, etc.)
  • Bringing permanent CPE records retention

Why so many features? Because CPE monitoring is complex and truly hard to do. Furthermore, it requires not just code, but ‘art’. The ‘art’ part drives usability, which is critical when utilizing a CPE tracking solution. There are just so many moving parts, so many requirements, and so many rules that one can’t afford to overlook. Tracking all of that should be second-nature and not fraught with guesswork and uncertainty. That’s why Illumeo focused much of the extensive development time for this solution on user testing and feedback. Ease-of-use came second only to ‘getting all the rules right’.

“We’re very happy to be bringing such a useful tool to our individual, firm and corporate users,” said John Kogan, Founder and CEO of Illumeo. “Continuing Professional Education has gotten ever more complex and busy professionals don’t want to have to stay current on all of the rules and regulations themselves. We provide a platform that does that for them and puts all of their development and compliance needs within easy reach. This works well for individuals, firms and corporations alike.”

Illumeo has brought together all the elements needed to provide professional development and continuing education management into one easy-to-use, cloud-based platform for learning and CPE anywhere, anytime, on any device. Illumeo provides a truly one-stop-shop for its users with its class-leading on-demand course library, live webinars, self-assessment tools, course recommendation engine, and personalized learning plans. As a result, Illumeo is used by leading companies across the country and across the globe.

Whether for individual learners or for the firms and corporations that employ these professionals, Illumeo is leading the way with rapidly advancing technology and trusted, expert-built courses that make learners better at what they do while it simultaneously keeps them up to speed on their CPE. Learn more at


Based in Silicon Valley, CA, Illumeo, the LMS for CPE®, is a specialized learning platform for professionals in Audit, Accounting, and Corporate Finance and the companies that employ them. The cloud-based Illumeo learning platform provides over 1,000 on-demand courses, live webinars, thousands of continuing education credit hours, a complete Compliance Monitor™ solution with advanced assessment and development plan tools, and is used at companies of all sizes, including many of the largest and most successful service organizations and corporations in the world.