5 Ways

to a More Positive Workplace

5 Ways to a More Positive Workplace If your company isn't focused on creating a positive work culture, you should be. In today's current environment, you can't afford to wait. It's essential to be proactive and try to prevent any potential issues before they come up. 

Create a Positive Work Culture

If your company has a positive work culture, your employees will be happier, more productive, and less likely to have any cause for concern. It's hard for bullying and discrimination to thrive in a company that is truly focused on cultivating an inclusive and welcoming work culture. While you can't turn your culture around overnight, here are five ways you can begin to build positivity in your office. 

Encourage communication

As with any relationship, communication is key. Employees of all levels must feel comfortable approaching their managers with any concerns or problems, or even simple suggestions. While most companies have communication policies in place, now's the time to make sure employees actually understand them and that managers are doing what they are supposed to. And if managers are uncomfortable with communicating with employees, consider offering additional training. 

Discourage inappropriate jokes and comments

Most offices have at least one person that is known for their off-colored remarks. Maybe he does make some people laugh, but probably makes just as many people uncomfortable. While these kinds of comments may have been tacitly accepted over the years, times are changing. This employee could become a real liability for your company, especially if these jokes or comments are even slightly directed at a specific group. 

Offer a space space for employees to address concerns

Employees need to know they can voice their concerns about bullying or discrimination without fear of retribution. Offering an anonymous solution is exactly what is needed, but make sure the comments aren't ignored. No matter how big or small your company is, employees need a safe space outside of their immediate supervisors. 

Use inclusive language

Making small language changes can make a huge impact. Choosing to use inclusive language can indicate to your employees that you see the world is changing and you are keeping up. Using phrases like "parental leave" instead of "maternity leave" and "holiday leave" instead of "Christmas vacation". Use gender-neutral pronouns when possible. These small tweaks will go a long way in creating a culture of positivity and inclusiveness. 

Offer benefits like flexible hours or working remotely

These kinds of benefits are no longer optional. While not every company can offer a truly flexible schedule or 100% remote work, those that can should. Employees want more flexibility in their work life, and many would even take a 10% pay cut to make that happen. Not only will offering these benefits make your current employees happier, it will attract new employees who might otherwise have avoided your company. 

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