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Introduction to Working Capital and the Cash Conversion Cycle

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How can I calculate the current price for capital motor which resintly been changed to repairable , capital with standard. Price while repairable moving avrege price

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Thanks and I'm not sure I understand your question. Can you be more specific?

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Hi Joseph -- How would you calculate the Cash Conversion Cycle for a service-intensive business? Thank you in advance.

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Great question and managing the CCC in a service business is still important.

There is no inventory, so AR and AP are the main CCC inputs to be managed. Should make sure that the AR turnover is high as possible and that payment of AP is deferred as long as possible without late fees and harming vendor relationships.

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  19:47Working Capital Ratio Analysis
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  19:38Working Capital Financing, Cash Budgeting, and Credit Policy
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  57:34Working Capital Management
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