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Introduction to Financial Statement Ratio Analysis

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i would like to know how to reach to the best capital structure for a company .?
currently am studying the current capital struct of my company which it has D/E 4 to 1 and the debit ratio is 83%.

what do you think ?

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Without knowing anything about your company and industry, this appears to be very high leverage for a business. The appropriate capital structure should be one that generates the lowest weighted average cost of capital (see my other presentation on corporate capital structure) but does not place the firm in a high debt position that may create bankruptcy risk.
I would try to maintain a capital structure of 60% debt and 40% equity for a private company. However, this would depend on the type of business, industry and cost and availability of equity capital.

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  20:33Ratio Summary
  10:45Financial Statement-Income Statement
  10:46Comments on Solvency, Profitability and Market Value Ratios
  3:18Ford Motor Company Ratio Analysis
  5:46 Limitations and Problems with Ratio Analysis and Qualitative Factors
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  57:28Financial Statement Ratio Analysis
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