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Vivien Hudson has a background as a pharmacist then evolved into coaching and consultancy after spending many years in business ownership.  The founder of Brain, Body and Business, Viv is focused on well being, engagement and motivation using the science of the brain and body.

Viv also manages a virtual team with a national Medical Services company.

Viv is a Certified Professional Coach and has also received Ontological training, studying the mind, emotions and body. She is a Performance Consultant with Talent Dynamics, NeuroLink Practitioner and recently trained in virtual learning.

Very much a believer in psycho immunology she knows that workplace wellness is key. This drives her learning in improved self management, reducing stress and burnout, self leadership, strengths development and more recently in successful remote working.

She moved to the US from Australia in 2013 and keeps up to date with all things leadership, motivation, self management and well being.