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Anna Vanlandingham is the President of Pinterest Pro Solutions.

AdShoppers revealed that Pinterest pins drive more revenue than any other social media share.   As a Macroeconomics teacher with 25 years of experience, I know how to identify a market trend and differentiate it from a temporary fad.  

✭ ✭ The potential for Pinterest to help build your brand and drive leads is indisputable.  ✭ ✭ 

By strategically creating boards aligned to Pinterest categories and spheres of interest in your target market, I can help you create a loyal following that has a high-propensity for converting from viewers into leads.

Pinterest Pro can contribute to your business growth through:

•    Ongoing management of individual and company Pinterest accounts 
•    Prevailing as a Visionary in the ever-changing world of Pinterest
•    Leading Pinterest seminars for small groups and businesses
•    Driving quality traffic to business owners’ websites via Pinterest
•    Communicating the constant changes on Pinterest to business owners 

By specializing in Pinterest, I keep my clients at the forefront of the latest changes in the industry and I am available in person, via Zoom, or by phone.  

✭ I deliver results ✭ 

After developing and implementing a customized Pinterest strategy for Dance Films, I increased followers by 77% and increased Spring Break Dream Travels followers by 86%.

Do you want results like these?  Sign up for my Course.  I know Social Media can be scary, but take a chance - I’m a Southern Lady who just happens to be really smart (and friendly!) and has found a modern way to help business owners drive leads.  

Thousands of business owners are getting tons of traffic and sales from Pinterest, so what are they doing that you're not. Anna manages  Pinterest Business Accounts to drive quality traffic to their website.Pinterest PC use & mobile users are exploding! It’s not just for fun - it is for business.