Illumeo launches

Audit Skills Training Program

Illumeo is proud to announce the launch of its online Audit Skills Training Program . It is a progressive learning curriculum covering the staff from just hired to deeply experienced professionals.

As the business world changes at a fast-tracking rate, auditors need to keep up or risk becoming irrelevant and ultimately unable to provide the insight that will allow their organizations to flourish. That means they’ll need to frequently add to their skills and knowledge.

The increasingly cross-border operations of many companies also make ongoing training more critical. Every audit professional has varying professional development needs, from new hires to partners.  There is a natural progression of necessary skills as increasing responsibilities are assumed on audits, and more complex issues and engagements are faced.

Illumeo is pleased to share that we have partnered with a top national accounting instructor Jennifer Louis to provide a world-class Professional Audit Skills Training Program. Jennifer has over 25 years’ experience in designing and instructing high-quality training programs in a wide variety of technical and “soft skills” topics needed for professional and organization success. In 2003 she founded Emergent Solutions Group, which is dedicated to meeting organization’s professional training needs. Jennifer serves a wide variety of clients, including public accounting firms, state CPA societies, private industry corporations, and public sector agencies.  

“We’re delighted to offer the Audit Skills program on Illumeo.” said John Kogan, Illumeo’s Founder and Chairman. “Jennifer Louis is one of our best instructor for a good reason: she has a way of taking complex topics and making them simple and approachable for all. Every module of our Audit Skills program includes multiple exercises, case studies, or other hands-on means to reinforce the practical application of core concepts.

The Professional Audit Skills program consists of four (4) training levels starting from beginning staff, experienced staff, in-charge/senior staff to Supervisor and Managers. The course is available online and can be taken on any computer, tablet or phone with a browser and web connection, so they are easily and almost universally available. Once purchased, the entire program is permanently available to the buyer so they can use the instruction and tools as a reference any time they need. Further, purchase of the program includes free access to the entire Illumeo subscription course library for one full year, providing an incredibly rich and deep resource for auditing, finance, and many other skills of great value to professionals.