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Whether people sit and work side by side or have to collaborate from thousands of miles away, there will be misunderstandings, hurt feelings and conflict. In this course we explore some common reasons for workplace conflict and look at appropriate interventions and solutions to resolve them.

Some conflict is simple to resolve by understanding the impact your behavior or decisions have on others. Others stem from value differences which are much harder to bring to the surface and resolve. Of course, there are cultural differences, differences in style (very polite vs. very crude for example) and, unfortunately, conflict based on really inappropriate behavior.

After having been an arbitrator and mediator for many years, my personal bias is to attempt to resolve conflict in as benign a manner as possible. I much prefer mediation – except in extreme cases – to adjudication. This method is most valuable in situations where people can’t walk away and never deal with each other again. Not only do they have to work together – but so do their friends, co-workers and colleagues who no doubt have taken sides.

We explore interviewing and investigation techniques as well as alternative dispute resolution – consisting of Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation.

This course teaches you methods with which to help your fellow employees resolve their workplace conflict. 

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize differences due to external factors and how they lead to conflict.
  • Explore new ways to interview and investigate.
  • Discover alternative methods to handle disputes
  • Recognize which type of intervention to use in which kind of situation
  • Identify the differences in the major types of alternative dispute resolution.

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Anonymous Author
The course is very helpful. There are a lot of insights that everybody can apply in their workplace. The speaker is very knowledgeable of the topic. The presentation is very organized and the time allotted on the topic is about right.
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I liked that it was easy to listen to and follow along. I was surprised that is was suggested to NOT use power point presentation but ultimately understand why. Our HR department would get the most out of this course.
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It was a lousy presentation, the slides where all over the place, hard to follow, the info on the slides had little to do with the issues discussed and where indexed randomly.
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Modules under “Some Reasons Why Conflicts Occur” and subsequently are mislabeled. Questions 8 & 9 on the Final Exam are the same question.
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I enjoyed the course. It helped me understand how to resolve workplace conflicts, and what to look for.
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The course provides nice information about conflict resolution and various methods
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Perfect refresher on ways to resolve workplace conflict. Thanks!
Anonymous Author
deilvery quality needs to be improved
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Enjoyable presentation!
Anonymous Author
interesting examples
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Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
Introduction and Overview
  10:35Introduction to Resolving Workplace Conflict
  4:36Some Brief Definitions of Alternative Dispute Resolutions
Some Reasons Why Conflict Occurs
  11:06Some Reasons Why Conflict Occurs (Reasons A and B)
  15:05Some Reasons Why Conflict Occurs (Reason C)
  8:56Some Reasons Why Conflict Occurs (D - J)
  9:16Some Reasons Why Conflict Occurs (K - M)
Misunderstandings and Cultural Reasons
  10:21Reducing Conflict Caused by Misunderstanding not Malice
  11:16When Cultures Clash
  7:36Some Workplace Examples
  1:22Investigating a Complaint and Conclusion
Continuous Play
  1:30:09Resolving Workplace Conflict
  PDFSlides: Resolving Workplace Conflict
  PDFResolving Workplace Conflict Glossary/Index