This course offers an introduction to the management of working capital, beginning with collections, trade credit, and accounts receivable.

Financial managers in companies of all sizes need effective strategies for these areas because a breakdown in any one of them can have harsh effects on the overall organization and the company’s liquidity position. Finance used to be segregated into separate functions that rarely coordinated with each other.  In today’s global market environment, however, this restrictive view of short-term finance can be costly and even lethal.

In this course we look into the make-up of the three areas mentioned above and define the key factors that determine their growth (or lack thereof) as well as the fundamental approaches that have been successful for many companies. Given recent technology developments, each of these areas has been able to tap into the company’s operating technology to drive improved visibility and performance. These three areas can be used as the starting point to developing an overall working capital management strategy.  

This course will help you understand and actively improve your company's cash flow and balance sheet through judicious working capital management.

Learning Objectives
  • Define what is involved in working capital management.
  • Identify methods of collection and concentration of funds.
  • Discover how credit is managed.
  • Recognize how receivables management works to augment working capital management.


Last updated/reviewed: January 9, 2023
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Really enjoyed this course. I've been a credit manager for 10 of the last 15+ years in the business, and Kenneth's explanation of offering discounts, the formula involved, and DSO was great. Thanks so much!!

Anonymous Author
Good material on the management of working capital, beginning with collections, trade credit, and accounts receivable. Valuable for your staff!

Anonymous Author
A few real life scenarios, or case studies, would break up the monotony and make the course more interesting and engaging.

Anonymous Author
Great course for understanding the Trade Credit and Collections methods that is short yet rich in content. Thanks Ken!

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Course was okay. Teacher was monotone and not very engaging.

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Some good basics but supporting materials were lacking.

Anonymous Author
Great course, good real world insights

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OK. I enjoyed it.

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Good overview

Anonymous Author
good course

Course Complexity: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Exposure to corporate finance


Advanced Preparation: None


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Company: Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
Trade Credit & Collections
  What is Working Capital Management 10:42
  Collections and Concentration 8:34
  Credit Management 23:41
  Accounts Receivable Management 11:56
  Course Conclusion 1:27
Continuous Play
  Essentials of Working Capital Management: Trade Credit & Collections59:06
  Slides: Essentials of Working Capital ManagementPDF
  Essentials of Working Capital Management Glossary/IndexPDF