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Most people work hard, accomplish much, and yet find themselves not getting the promotions they want, the respect they deserve, or the new job that they need. The question of “why?” was answered in our previous two courses. This course focuses on the first two steps of the Road Map for Career and Job Search Success and helps you answer the foundational question of, “What do you really want to do?”

Until these questions are answered, you will waste time and money while those you thought could help you…won’t help you. Other people, including highly connected friends, can only help those who can tell them what they want to do and how they can be helped.

The first step, and the foundation of success, is to understand what you are passionate about doing. Passion is the energy for success and perseverance. The second step is to understand which of your passions is marketable for someone to be willing to pay you to follow your passion. We call this step your Vision.  Your Vision is what your Passion looks like in the real world, how you can tell others what you want to do, and how you can identify gaps between what you want and what the Decision Maker needs and wants. By closing these gaps, you begin the process of revolutionizing your competitive edge.

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

8 CoursesThe Road Map to Career Success

  1. Why You Need to Compete in Your Career
  2. What is The Road Map to Career Success?
  3. What do You Really Want to Do? Defining Your Passion and Vision for Your Career
  4. How to Close the Gaps Between What You Want Versus Are Getting
  5. How can You Help Others to Know Who You Are?
  6. How can You Communicate with Others?
  7. How can You Sell Yourself to Decision Makers? Part One
  8. How can You Sell Yourself to Decision Makers? Part Two

Learning Objectives

  • Explore How to Identify What Your Passion Is and Is Not
  • Explore Why Passion makes a huge difference
  • Explore How to Identify Your Passions
  • Explore How to Identify What Your Vision Is and Is Not
  • Recognize Why having a Clear Vision Matters
  • Identify How to Define Your Vision
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This course has taught me how to plan my career by understanding my passion and assist me in creating a vision to assist in my career roadmap. Outstanding course and I wish I know the material earlier in my career, but never too late.
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I really liked the approach that the presenter had to finding a vision. I will reread the slides and take his advice to figure out where I want to go.
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Although I am about to retire from my lifetime work, I found this course to be very helpful in guiding me through the next chapter of my career.
Member's Profile
This course is a great place to start in addressing what you should be doing and focusing on in your professional career.
Anonymous Author
Very insightful and detailed course! It makes you really think about where you want to go in your life and career.
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I really enjoyed this course and the way the presenter presented the materials and his examples.
Anonymous Author
Lot of practical common sense advice that will work wonders if one were to actually execute.
Anonymous Author
Clearly reinforces how important it is to know your passion as the first step in the process.
Member's Profile
Fun presentation! insightful and thought-provoking... I'll be taking more of Jim's classes!
Member's Profile
Great course. I will definitely return to the course again to enhance my learning.
Anonymous Author
Provides a good outline. Personally found the religious touch out of place.
Anonymous Author
Aligns passion, vision, achievement and fulfillment extremely well.
Member's Profile
Great questions that make you think about what your own passion.
Member's Profile
I will definitely recommend this course to my co employee
Anonymous Author
Inspiring webinar.


Course Complexity: Foundational

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series prior to completing this one.

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2 QuestionsCourse Questions and Answers

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Great course, thank you. At the end you suggest another course "Identifying Red Flags..", though could not find it here. Where can one find it?

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Hi Yakhyo,

The next course, "How to Close the Gaps Between What You Want Versus Are Getting", includes the discussion on Red Lights. Enjoy!


Course Syllabus
What Do You Really Want to Do?
  10:19What Is Your Passion?
  9:56Passion Is Your Future
  5:21Over Time Your Passions May Change
Creating Your Vision
  12:23Creating Your Vision 1
  10:57Creating Your Vision 2
  10:16Creating Your Vision 3
  5:52Where Do You Find the Information?
Continuous Play
  1:06:21What do You Really Want to Do? Defining Your Passion and Vision for Your Career
  PDFSlides:What do You Really Want to Do?
  PDFWhat do You Really Want to Do? Glossary/Index