Dive into the world of Microsoft Excel with this easy-to-follow course. It's perfect for those starting out or looking to refresh their skills. You learn the basics of Excel, from understanding the layout to organizing data neatly. We guide you through creating eye-catching charts, performing simple calculations, and managing lists effectively. Plus, you'll get tips on how to keep your data safe and share it with others smoothly. By the end of this course, you'll be comfortable using Excel for everyday tasks, making your work or study life easier and more organized.


  • Introduction to Excel
  1. Basic Parts of Excel Window
  2. How to Save
  3. How to Page Setup & Print
  • Data Entry and Formatting
  1. Items in Group Clipboard (Home Tab)
  2. Items in Group Font (Home Tab)
  3. Items in Group Alignment (Home Tab)
  4. Items in Group Number (Home Tab)
  5. Inserting Pictures, Shapes & Smart Art
  6. Inserting Equation & Symbol
  7. Insert a Dropdown List
  8. Check Spelling
  9. How to Hide Gridlines
  • Data Manipulation and Analysis
  1. Items in Group Editing (Home Tab)
  2. Sum, Average, Rank, Max & Min
  3. Count & CountA
  4. Upper, Lower & First Letter Capital
  5. Combine Word from Different Cells
  6. Columns to Rows & Vice Versa
  7. Group Ungroup Columns and Rows
  8. Remove Duplicates
  9. Splitting Data in a Cell
  10. Converting Numbers into Words
  11. Finding Number of Characters in a Cell
  12. Using LEFT, RIGHT, and MID Functions
  13. Removing Extra Spaces Inside a Cell
  • Data Visualization
  1. Working with Charts
  2. Inserting Graphs Inside a Cell
  3. Use of Slicer
  4. Interactive Dashboard using Hyperlink
  5. Pivot Tables
  • Data Organization and Reference
  1. Items in Group Cells (Home Tab)
  2. Items in Group Styles (Home Tab)
  3. Freeze Rows & Columns
  4. Relative, Absolute, and Mixed References
  5. How to use VLOOKUP
  6. How to use HLOOKUP
  7. Using ISNA with VLOOKUP
  8. Trace Precedents
  9. Trace Dependents
  10. Monitoring Cells with Watch Window
  • Advanced Excel Functions
  1. IF function
  2. Eliminating Blank Rows
  3. Adding Current Date and Time
  4. Auto Time Using VBA
  5. Locking Certain Cells in a Worksheet
  6. Protecting a Workbook
  7. Password Protect Excel File
  8. Calculating Loan Installments
  9. Using Scenario Manager for What-If Analysis
  10. Implementing Goal Seek for Data Optimization
  11. Using Match Formula
  12. Basic Macro
  • Data Integration and Collaboration
  1. Import Data Using Queries
  2. How to use Smart Lookup
  3. How to use Translate
  4. How to use Comments
  5. Finding Age
  6. Finding Hours Worked
  7. Workbook Statistics

Course Key Concept: MS Excel, Excel, Microsoft, Microsoft Excel.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover and understand basic concepts of excel and data entry and formatting.
  • Discover data manipulation and data analysis methods.
  • Explore and understand data visualization techniques.
  • Recognize data organization and reference.
  • Discover advanced excel functions and data integration and collaboration methods.
Last updated/reviewed: March 18, 2024
Course Complexity: Foundational
No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.
Education Provider Information
Company: Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
Contact: For more information regarding this course, including complaint and cancellation policies, please contact our offices at (408) 400- 3993 or send an e-mail to .
Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Basic Parts of Excel Window11:19
  How to Save0:36
  How to Page Setup & Print1:44
  Items in Group Clipboard (Home Tab)10:21
  Items in Group Font (Home Tab)10:25
  Items in Group Alignment (Home Tab)5:48
  Items in Group Number (Home Tab)5:50
  Inserting Pictures, Shapes & Smart Art6:15
  Inserting Equation & Symbol2:25
  Insert a Dropdown List4:15
  Check Spelling0:51
  How to Hide Gridlines0:34
  Items in Group Editing (Home Tab)10:52
  Sum, Average, Rank, Max & Min13:26
  Count & Count A6:17
  Upper, Lower & First Letter Capital2:48
  Combine Word from Different Cells3:32
  Columns to Rows & Vice Versa3:07
  Group Ungroup Columns and Rows3:37
  Remove Duplicates4:00
  Splitting Data in a Cell2:11
  Converting Numbers into Words4:07
  Finding Number of Characters in a Cell0:41
  Using LEFT, RIGHT, and MID Functions3:18
  Removing Extra Spaces Inside a Cell0:49
  Working with Charts11:15
  Inserting Graphs Inside a Cell3:55
  Use of Slicer3:02
  Interactive Dashboard using Hyperlink12:28
  Pivot Tables22:05
  Items in Group Cells (Home Tab)9:39
  Items in Group Styles (Home Tab)10:44
  Freeze Rows & Columns4:56
  Relative, Absolute, and Mixed References8:43
  How to use VLOOKUP14:34
  How to use HLOOKUP6:05
  Using ISNA with VLOOKUP6:00
  Trace Precedents1:57
  Trace Dependents1:03
  Monitoring Cells with Watch Window2:04
  IF function3:04
  Eliminating Blank Rows7:50
  Adding Current Date and Time2:51
  Auto Time Using VBA2:24
  Locking Certain Cells in a Worksheet4:37
  Protecting a Workbook2:09
  Password Protect Excel File1:20
  Calculating Loan Installments3:13
  Using Scenario Manager for What-If Analysis3:34
  Implementing Goal Seek for Data Optimization2:34
  Using Match Formula2:10
  Basic Macro4:46
  Import Data Using Queries3:11
  How to use Smart Lookup0:52
  How to use Translate1:01
  How to use Comments0:43
  Finding Age1:18
  Finding Hours Worked1:42
  Workbook Statistics0:41
  Unlocking MS Excel - Bridging Basics to Intermediate Part 12:52:06
  Unlocking MS Excel - Bridging Basics to Intermediate Part 22:05:22
  Slides: Unlocking MS Excel - Bridging Basics to IntermediatePDF
  Unlocking MS Excel - Bridging Basics to Intermediate Glossary/IndexPDF
  Activity Book: Unlocking MS Excel - Bridging Basics to IntermediateXLSX