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Starting with a quick review of Blockchain (BC) technology, we immediately start to examine current capabilities of BC for business applications.  We examine a good example of a powerful BC system in operation today:  the IBM-Maersk “TradeLens” supply chain BC. Many other major applications of BC in business today to cut costs and gain competitive advantage are highlighted. 

A summary of BC advantages for business processes is offered.  The final section of the course addresses how you can assess BC potential for your firm.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore BC technology and current capabilities
  • Explore a good BC system in operation today:  TradeLens Supply Chain Blockchain (BC)
  • Identify major applications of BC in business today
  • Recognize BC advantages for business processes
  • Discover how you can assess BC potential for your firm 
Last updated/reviewed: June 25, 2021

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10 CoursesCertified Blockchain Applications Analyst

  1. Understanding Blockchain Technology and its Capabilities
  2. Blockchain Use in Supply Chains and Systems Integration
  3. Advanced Blockchain Business Applications
  4. Private, Permissioned, Business Blockchains
  5. Blockchain for Business Process Reengineering and Competitive Advantage
  6. How to Assess Blockchain Value for Your Organization
  7. How to do Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis to assess Blockchain Value for Your Organization
  8. Calculating Blockchain Application ROI
  9. Blockchain Design and Implementation
  10. Blockchain Advanced Uses and Future Developments

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Anonymous Author
Even with my limited knowledge and desire to better understand Block Chain, the course provided a good foundation. The content was appropriate with a good mix of technical overview and the business case applications. It was a meaningful overview of a tool multiple criteria to assess the benefit for your own firm and in a structured format.
Anonymous Author
I think that this course provided a good basic understanding of blockchain. I came in with zero knowledge and now I have a simple understanding. I will plan to take some of the other blockchain courses available from this teacher to expand my understanding.
Anonymous Author
This course covered a great amount of information surrounding Blockchain, the differences between the Bitcoin Blockchain and other non-cryptocurrency Blockchains, and the many applications of Blockchains.
Member's Profile
This course is a drink from the firehose. If you don't get blockchain from the start, some of it will go over your head. The instructor is ver knowledgeable though.
Member's Profile
Excellent course explaining blockchain and how businesses are currently using this technology. Course was quick paced and easy to follow.
Member's Profile
Great insight into the application of Block chain technology.


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  3:13Introduction to Understanding Latest Blockchain Business Applications
  10:52Review of Blockchain Technology and Current Capabilities
  5:20Review of Blockchain Technology and Current Capabilities Continued..
  7:17Understanding Blockchain
  9:06Major Applications of BC in Business Today
  11:10Summary of BC Advantages for Business Processes
  9:39How can you Assess BC Potential for your Firm & Conclusion
  56:37Understanding Latest Blockchain Business Applications
  PDFSlides: Understanding Latest Blockchain Business Applications
  PDFUnderstanding Latest Blockchain Business Applications Glossary/Index