What to do Before, During and (Especially) After the Interview.


The need to prepare for an interview is a no-brainer.  But most candidates are not properly prepared. Learn to prepare effectively and thoroughly in order to:

  • Demonstrate your initiative & thoroughness and differentiate yourself from most other candidates.
  • Be prepared to discuss the company and the position well beyond the very basics.
  • Come with well-informed and insightful questions.
  • Match your skills, experience and accomplishments to the needs of the position.


The interview is your opportunity to give and receive information.  Make the most of this opportunity. Learn how to:

  • Keep the interview focused.
  • Retain what you learn.
  • Demonstrate that you are an ideal candidate.
  • Ask the questions that will enable you to follow up and actually influence the decision process.
  • Anticipate and answer standard questions and difficult questions.
  • Establish the follow up plan.


Interview follow-up is the most important part of the job-search process and the most difficult. Learn:

  • When and how to debrief.
  • Whom to influence and how to do so.
  • What to aim for at each step of the process (don’t expect an offer after the first meeting).
  • How to bolster your confidence.
  • How to respond to rejection.
Learning Objectives
  • Discover how to prepare for an interview and how to build your presentation
  • Explore what to say and what not to say; what to ask and what to look for
  • Discover how to follow up and influence the decision. How to bolster your confidence and interview more effectively
Last updated/reviewed: August 25, 2023
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Anonymous Author
I thought this course gave some great tips on the entire interviewing process. I especially found the during the interview part helpful in how to answer questions and tips on good questions to ask. The follow up guidance on influencing vs. just writing a thank you was also very informative.

Anonymous Author
Moshe provided a structured yet interactive approach to an effective interview. "The Consultant" approach would definitely make a difference in the journey. Thanks Moshe!

Anonymous Author
It was a good course and it xan be goid at any lecel, including entry level.

Course Complexity: Foundational

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  Introduction to Turning Interviews into Offers : Influencing Follow-up6:35
  Before the Interview8:43
  During the Interview12:16
  During the Interview Continued..7:11
  After the Interview8:46
  Confidence Builders1:58
  Rejection Letters & Conclusion4:16
  Turning Interviews into Offers : Influencing Follow-up 49:44
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  Turning Interviews into Offers Glossary/indexPDF