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The course is presented as a case study course.

First, we start from building a short version Profit & Loss report based on system data. In this case, we teach students how to avoid hard-coded numbers and hard-linked sources in the report. Instead, we deploy some advanced formulas that make the report dynamic.

Second skill is about using pivot tables in reporting. It makes reporting much easier by slicing and dicing. This skill can differentiate rookies and gurus.

Third, we fine-tune the model by upgrading it into a dynamic model by including the assumption page, data page, reporting page, dashboard, and proof check.

Fourth, once reports are completed, we need to generate region-specific reports to distribute to regional managers. We can automate the whole report generating process through a programming language in Excel called VBA (Visual Basic Application).

Last, once we receive revised reports from regional managers, we need to consolidate them into the corporate P&L report. We teach methods at all levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

Course Key Concept: VBA, Pivot table, Consolidate, Dynamic formulas, Dashboard, Validation.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize importance of building robust models by using dynamic formulas instead of hard-links.
  • Discover benefits of using Pivot Tables in financial modeling.
  • Identify 5 crucial elements in financial modeling.
  • Discover how to build your own “robot” generating set reports by using macro.
  • Explore multiple ways of consolidating financial reports: from basic, to intermediate to advanced methods.
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Lenny - thank you so much for the course. The examples were amazing. Your patience with explaining is praise worthy. I look forward to take your more courses.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

Basic Excel knowledge; be able to open one Excel file and add a new sheet, etc.

Education Provider Information

Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
  0:27Introduction to Top 5 Excel Skills: From Excel Rookie to Excel Guru
  1:32Instructor Introduction
  1:32The Vicious Cycle and How to Break It
  1:12The Virtuous Cycle
  1:30Course Objectives
  9:46Skill 1: Dynamic Formulas
  11:05Skill 2: Beyond Formulas
  15:58Skill 3: The 5 Magic Pages in Modeling
  10:00Skill 4: Distribute Reports
  2:26Skill 5.1-Consolidate Reports: Basic, Intermediate, to Advanced
  3:15Skill 5.2-Consolidate Reports: Basic, Intermediate, to Advanced
  2:47Skill 5.3-Consolidate Reports: Basic, Intermediate, to Advanced
  8:46Skill 5.4-Consolidate Reports: Basic, Intermediate , to Advanced
Wrap Up
  0:31Next Course
  1:11:19Top 5 Excel Skills: From Excel Rookie to Excel Guru
  PDFSlides: Top 5 Excel Skills: From Excel Rookie to Excel Guru
  XLSMWorkbook: Session 1 - Top 5 Excel Skills - Practice
  XLSMWorkbook: Session 1 - Top 5 Excel Skills - Answer
  PDFTop 5 Excel Skills: From Excel Rookie to Excel Guru Glossary/ Index