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This course introduces advanced analytics and the business value it can add. It begins by introducing data mining, predictive analytics and machine learning in the context of the overall analytic landscape. The challenges of adopting advanced analytics and the role of a focus on improving decision-making are explored. The focus on decision-making is extended to discuss the differences between decision support and decision management or automation.

This decision-centric framework can be used to find business opportunities for advanced analytics. This course will allow business professionals to make the case for, and frame the successful use of, advanced analytics in their business operations.

Learning Objectives

  • Define data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning and related terms.
  • Identify challenges (and mitigations) in successful adoption of predictive analytics.
  • Recognize the value of predictive analytics in terms of improved decision-making.
  • Differentiate between decision support and decision management.
  • Identify opportunities for predictive analytics in business operations.
Last updated/reviewed: May 16, 2022

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We're just starting to implement some more predictive analytics at our firm and one of my questions has been what is best area and situations where smarter models could have the most benefit. I thought this lesson gave some good insight into where decision modeling has the most leverage for change in the organization.
Anonymous Author
Good high level explanation of some challenges that occur in using predictive analytics and how to make them effective. Not so many specific examples of tools or methods that explain how to use it.
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Good overview of a complex subject presented in a clear, easy to follow way. It would be even better with real world examples.
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The course provided a good review of analytics and how best to use in your organization to improve decisions. Great course.
Anonymous Author
Strong speaker, great content, informative and insightful. Engaging presentation, looking forward to more.
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This is a great overview on predictive analytics and where they are applicable to decision making.
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I enjoyed learning more about advanced analytics and the business opportunities that can arise.
Anonymous Author
Clear distinctions on the analytics spectrum and purpose of the techniques.
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Great insights. Quick course that offers some real world tangible ideas.
Anonymous Author
This course effectively covered the stated learning objectives.
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Well presented overview by instructorod overview and intro


Course Complexity: Advanced

Prerequisite: Previous experience in finance


Advanced Preparation: None


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This has been a great presentation. Interesting insights on best uses of predictive analytics.

Course Syllabus
Business Opportunities for Advanced Analytics
  9:13Introducing Predictive Analytics
  6:59Predictive Analytics Challenges
  11:27Decision Support, Decision Management
  8:38Different Kinds of Decisions
  18:36Operational Decisions
  9:12Opportunities for Predictive Analytics
  12:04Decision Discovery
  PDFSlides: Finding Business Opportunities for Advanced Analytics
  PDFFinding Business Opportunities for Advanced Analytics Glossary/Index