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In part 2 of this course, the importance of shareholder basis is emphasized. The annual basis adjustments, and an important election in the ordering of the computation are discussed. The differences between partnerships and S corporations are explored, especially when it comes to utilizing debt to create basis. The next area the course examines is the nature of the retained earnings and various memo accounts that S corporations can have, including such unusual acronyms as Accumulated Adjustments Account (AAA), Profits (E&P), Previously Taxed Income (PTI), and Other Adjustments Account (OAA). The importance of correctly defining Earnings and Profits is emphasized. Finally, the course describes the various entity level taxes that S Corporations may face, including the LIFO tax, the tax on Excess Passive Income, and the built-in-gains ( BIG) tax.

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Learning Objectives

  • Explore the concepts of basis and basis adjustments
  • Identify the importance of basis to shareholders
  • Recognize the differences between various equity and adjustment accounts, including Accumulated Adjustments Account (AAA), Earnings & Profits (E&P), Previously Taxed Income (PTI) and Other Adjustments Account (OAA)
  • Explore how to compute S Corporation entity level taxes, including Last In First Out (LIFO), Excess Passive Income and Built in Gains taxes
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Great introductory course to Sub S corporations and the tax issues associated with them.


Course Complexity: Advanced

Complete course Taxation of S Corporations and their Shareholders Part I .

Participants should be aware of basic principles of income tax,  some familiarity with S Corporations will be helpful. 


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Course Syllabus
  9:28Introduction to Taxation of S Corporations Part ll
  9:43Debt Basis
  9:34Open Account Debt
  15:52What's in Retained Earnings?
  9:41Entity-Level Taxes S Corporation
  10:08Tax on Built-in Gains
  14:39Terminating S Corp Election
  1:40:51Taxation of S Corporations Part ll full video
Supporting Materials
  PDFSlides: Taxation of S Corporations and their Shareholders Part II
  PDFTaxation of S Corporations and their Shareholders Part II Glossary/Index