Tangible Property Regulations

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The IRS issued regulations (regs) addressing the age old question of whether to capitalize or expense purchases of tangible property. These new regs are now effective for all taxpayers.

These regs require all taxpayers to make changes in the way they approach the issue of expensing versus capitalizing items for tax purposes. For many, there are significant changes. 

Many accountants have  been confused by the dense wording and sometimes conflicting examples in the original regs. 

This course takes the new regs and explains each element, compares them to prior law, and puts them in perspective. Accountants will gain a clear understanding and confidence in applying the new rules to their best advantage.


Learning Objectives
  • Identify the major issues addressed by the tangible property regulations.
  • Explore the distinguishing characteristics of a capitalized item versus an expensed item.
  • Recognize the various safe harbors and elections contained in the new regulations.
  • Discover the new definition of materials and supplies.
  • Identify various building components and how they are to be depreciated.



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Anonymous Author
What you would expect for a foundation level course. The questions proved to be a nice refresher.

Anonymous Author
This was very helpful. I wish I would have taken it earlier.

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Instructor very informative and very good examples

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation is required for this course but a basic understanding of business taxation concepts is a helpful.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Tangible Property Regulations9:00
Tangible Property Regulations
  Unit of Property (UOP)8:49
  "De Minimums" Exception 8:34
  Deduct or Capitalize Costs10:25
  Partial Asset Dispositions 7:48
  Capitalizing Improvements - BARR Rules 13:33
  Partial Dispositions 9:41
  Figuring Basis of Retired Components 9:33
  Landlord/Tenant Leasehold Improvements 7:28
  Tangible Property Regulations - Capitalization Vs. Expense 17:03
Continuous Play
  Tangible Property Regulations1:41:55
  Slides: Tangible Property RegulationsPDF
  Tangible Property Regulations Glossary/IndexPDF