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I don’t know you, but I know one thing about you already – you’ve been frustrated when sales take too long to close, and you’d like to shorten that sales cycle when you can. 

I know the feeling.  The new reality of selling has humbled many salespeople. That is, the customer will make a decision when the customer is good and ready and not a moment sooner. 

While you can’t make a customer decide faster, you can often influence the pace of the ‘buy’ in several ways.  In this course you’ll learn that when you focus your selling efforts in purposeful, customer centric ways, you not only improve the chances of winning the sale, you also improve your chances of helping the customer make the purchase decision faster. 

This course covers 4 strategies for immediately affecting the customer decision making cycle that could actually result in shortening the sales cycle. 

Learning Objectives

  • Discover why the traditional ‘sales process’ mindset is not as effective in today’s selling environments
  • Explore why a customer decision making cycle mindset helps salespeople be more effective
  • Discover the most pivotal stage in the customer’s decision making cycle
  • Identify the stakeholder that often has to approve funding for purchases and projects
  • Discover 3 reasons people fear change and recognize how you can adjust your sales strategy accordingly



Last updated/reviewed: May 27, 2022


Course Complexity: Intermediate

This course is appropriate for:

All salespeople of any experience. 

Non-sales executives such as marketing or finance who wish to understand better how salespeople can formulate strategies to be more customer centric and effective. 


Education Provider Information

Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
  2:34Introduction to Shorten the Sales Cycle (well, not exactly)
  3:34A Contrarian's Perspective on Shortening the Sales Cycle
  11:26Center on the Customer's Decision Making Cycle
  3:23Confirm 'Commitment to Buy or Change'
  2:38Find and Sell to the Financial Decision Maker
  3:38Find a Key Stakeholder with a Vested Interest in Change
Continuous Play
  27:12Shortening the Sales Cycle
  PDFSlides: Shorten the Sales Cycle (well, not exactly)
  PDFShorten the Sales Cycle (well, not exactly) Glossary/Index