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This course is intended as an overview for sales, accounting, finance, tax, treasury, as well as other professionals who want an overview of how to successfully set up a foreign sales or sales support office. It also delivers practical insights on how to avoid common problems and issues that can cause the office to be an unexpected drain on resources. 

Setting up a new foreign office is a huge undertaking.  In this course we will review the basic steps needed to set up a foreign office.  We will review briefly some of the decisions to be made before you decide to set up your foreign office (just to make sure you’ve covered them all).  We then discuss the key operational factors and decisions that you will need to make.  Finally, we provide practical suggestions on how to ensure success for your new office. 

Although many of the same principles apply, this course will not specifically address some of the additional considerations involved in establishing a manufacturing plant, forming a joint venture, or creating optimal tax and legal structures for the new office.   

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the major factors to consider in whether to set up a new foreign sales office and where
  • Identify some of the different models for setting up a foreign subsidiary
  • Define the steps necessary to set up a new foreign office
  • Identify some of the common issues that arise when setting up a new foreign sales office
  • Discover practical considerations for successfully establishing and maintaining a new foreign sales office




Last updated/reviewed: May 10, 2022

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Anonymous Author
Very interesting topic. I found the presentation to be thorough yet to-the-point. Should be listened to by anyone thinking about setting up a foreign office or performing sales in a foreign jurisdiction.
Anonymous Author
I am really glad I found this course. The points brought up are great for a beginner looking to go international. I now know where to begin in starting the process.
Anonymous Author
It is very informative. What I dislike about is I have to click on each section separately. It is not automatically going to the next sections in the same course.
Member's Profile
it was a good overview to get you thinking about risks to look out for and different business activities to evaluate before going to a different country.
Member's Profile
Enjoyed but I had hoped for more information on the branch office in addition to the representative office and full on subsidiary.
Anonymous Author
Great course that covers a lot of material. The instructor covers all of the major aspects of venturing into a foreign market.
Member's Profile
Very thorough, interesting material. Would definitely recommend for an intro to setting up foreign offices.
Anonymous Author
Good information. Didn't perform as well of the exam. There was disconnect somewhere.
Anonymous Author
Excellent overview about risks and things to look into.
Anonymous Author
Solid Overview!
Anonymous Author
Good class


Course Complexity: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Exposure to international business


Advanced Preparation: None


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Course Syllabus
Setting Up Your New Foreign Sales Office
  10:42Key Decisions in Establishing a Foreign Office
  5:59Key Factors in Selecting a Location
  12:52Do I Need a Legal Entity
  9:40Formalities Needed to Set Up a Foreign Subsidiary
  12:04Operationalizing Your New Office
  12:32Don't Neglect Travel/T&E Issues
  11:59IT Needs
  8:32Branding and Marketing
  11:33Successfully Maintaining Your Foreign Office
  PDFSlides: New Foreign Sales
  PDFNew Foreign Sales Glossary/Index