This module begins with an overview of why salespeople need to call at the executive level and the difference between the immediate sale of products and/or services and the need to build lasting relationships with client executives.  Participants develop an understanding of the challenges that salespeople encounter when attempting to call on senior executives in client organization and how to mitigate those challenges.

They are then introduced to the JKEA International Case Study – which is a pre-requisite for Module 1 and the case study is used in all three modules of the course.  The case study was written around a sales opportunity at a fictitious company (JKEA International) and was developed in such a fashion that professional salespeople, regardless of industry orientation or the types of products or services they sell, could relate to it.  The case study highlights why salespeople need to target the right executive in each of their sales opportunities, so as to shorten their sales cycle.

Participants develop an understanding of the key concept of the relevant executive for the sales opportunity, using the JKEA case as a basis for that understanding.  They are then able to transfer that thought process to their active sales opportunities.


Learning Objectives
  • Discover the necessity of calling on senior client executives  
  • Identify the relevant executive to call on for the sales opportunity
  • Recognize the concepts of formal and informal influence and power, as they relate to a specific sales opportunity within the client organization
Last updated/reviewed: August 28, 2023
Course Complexity: Intermediate
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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Selling to C-Suite Executives Module 1: Targeting the Right Executive7:00
  Overall Module Content10:32
  JKEA International Case Study7:01
  JKEA International Executive Team3:51
  Dealing with the Relevant Executive6:59
  Selling to C-Suite Executives Module 1: Targeting the Right Executive Full Video35:23
  Slides: Selling to C-Suite Executives Module 1PDF
  Selling to C-Suite Executives Module 1 Glossary/IndexPDF
  Guide to Client DiscoveryPDF
  Sell2CS - Tools for Managing the Executive Relationship for IllumeoPDF
  JKEA International Case Study for IllumeoPDF