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Why is it that some people don’t get harassed and bullied – but others in the same organization seem to be victimized repeatedly?  While there are many factors, some of it may be in the way they present themselves.

This course is designed for those who want to learn skills and techniques that will get them more respect in the workplace – and elsewhere.

Years ago I was having an introductory meeting with a government agency that had hired me to conduct prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination training.  In that introductory meeting a group of women lawyers stopped my presentation and forcefully stated:  “We can take care of ourselves, we don’t need training.”  They were correct – they didn’t need the training. But in the back corner of the room several women stage-whispered “Yes, we do.”   These women were not high-powered attorneys but were support staff.

So some of us have mastered wearing a psychological suit of armor – others have not.

It’s not just women who get harassed and bullied.  It is also those men and boys who appear to be more vulnerable, or slightly different from the others. This course covers behaviors and styles that can be useful to all who want and need to be heard.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore behaviors that work and those that don’t
  • Discover new behaviors that make you appear more powerful
  • Recognize when to avoid situations (like dark alleys)
  • Help you Identify your own new style
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Anonymous Author
Great course. I found it to be very effective in learning leadership qualities. Also had great examples of real life experiences. would recommend to all not just people leaders.
Anonymous Author
This course was very enjoyable and entertaining. It put in perspective how we do have choices and should stand up for ourselves
Anonymous Author
Enjoyed all the war stories about dealing with and handling the various situations discussed.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  1:33Introduction to Say No and Have it Honored (Don’t be a Victim)
  11:09Just Say No
  4:19Guilt Trips
  8:20Don't Walk Down Dark Alleys
  4:02Your Attitude
  6:21Your Image
  5:58Your Own New Style
  3:35No Means No & Conclusion
  45:16Say No and Have it Honored (Don’t be a Victim)
  PDFSlides: Say No and Have it Honored (Don’t be a Victim)
  PDFSay No and Have it Honored (Don’t be a Victim) Glossary/Index