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COVID-19 and its related impact on the economic environment have raised numerous questions that affect almost each step of the updated standard. Those that have already implemented ASC 606 may need to review the terms of their contracts and adjust as necessary. Companies must recognize the impact and execute appropriate considerations within each step. The pandemic could affect various aspects embedded within each step of an entity's revenue recognition process. It is critical to note the potential significant impact that the COVID-19 crisis has brought to aspects of the revenue standard. Some impacts within the various steps include:

  • Step 1: Identify the contract with a customer
    • Contract enforceability
    • Collectability
    • Contract modifications and combinations
  • Step 2: Identify performance obligations
    • Material rights
  • Step 3: Determine the transaction price
    • Price concessions and other variable considerations
    • Significant financing component
    • Other extended payment terms
  • Step 4: Allocate the transaction price
    • Changes impacting standalone selling prices
  • Step 5: Recognize Revenue
    • Revenue recognized overtime
    • Impairment of receivables and contract assets
    • Contract costs
    • Disclosures

On May 28, 2014, the FASB completed its Revenue Recognition (RR) project issuing ASU No. 2014-09, Revenue from Contracts with Customers (Topic 606). Guidance establishes principles to report information about the nature, timing, and uncertainty of revenue from contracts with customers. The standard affects all entities that have contracts with customers with some exclusions. This session will discuss basic concepts around each step of the revenue model and also implications that COVID-19 have surfaced.

Note: Information within this course comes from readily available public domain documents and is utilized by the trainer as a supplement for relaying the course content.

Resources Consulted:
• ASC 606-10-32-15 to 32-20, 55-244 to 55-246.
• ASU 2014-09: “Revenue from Contracts with Customers.” BC229-BC247.
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Learning Objectives

  • Explore and overview the current economic environment and the impact of COVID-19 on the revenue recognition standard.
  • Discover and overview the standard’s five step model.
  • Explore and examine Step One: Identify the Contract
  • • Evaluate impact of COVID-19 on Step One.
  • Explore and examine Step Two: Determine Performance Obligations
  • • Evaluate impact of COVID-19 on Step Two
  • Explore and examine Step Three: Determine the Transaction Price
  • • Evaluate impact of COVID-19 on Step Three
  • Explore and examine Step Four: Allocate the Transaction Price to Performance Obligations
  • • Evaluate impact of COVID-19 on Step Four
  • Explore and examine Step Five: Recognize Revenue
  • • Evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on Step Five
  • Identify and evaluate scenarios related to COVID-19
Last updated/reviewed: May 18, 2022

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This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

17 CoursesRevenue Recognition Certification

  1. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606) Standard Overview
  2. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Identify The Contract Part 1
  3. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Identify The Contract Part 2
  4. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Performance Obligations Part 1
  5. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Performance Obligations Part 2
  6. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Transaction Price Part 1
  7. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Transaction Price Part 2
  8. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Allocating Transaction Price
  9. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Recognize Revenue
  10. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Scenarios For Identify The Contract
  11. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Scenarios For Performance Obligations
  12. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Scenarios For Transaction Price
  13. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Scenarios For Transaction Price And Recognize Revenue
  14. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Case Scenarios Part 1
  15. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Case Scenarios Part 2
  16. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606) COVID Implications
  17. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606): Disclosure Requirements “Contracts with Customers”

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Member's Profile
a) The course is an excellent introduction to ASC 606. b) The course is lot more effective when reviewed along with actual guidance handbook (I downloaded a copy of the Deloitte roadmap to applying the standard). All in all excellent value for money. c) I would definitely recommend a class room style setting (virtual or in person) to delve deeper into the more nuanced topics in the standard with more examples. d) Another observation, often times I see the instructor referring to the course not being consultative in nature, I get it that there is a liability issue but it stymies the learning process for students. Illumeo will be served well to look into this.
Anonymous Author
The course is a great overview of ASC 606 and does a great job in explaining how covid can impact all 5 steps of revenue recognition and disclosures. The examples were informative and gets you thinking on how one might be impacted. Examples like collectability and concessions may have an impact on your numbers as customer's credit worthiness declines...
Anonymous Author
This is a good recap of revenue recognition steps plus implications of COVID. The pandemic and the economic consequences may result in impacted revenue recognition areas such as collectability, financing component consideration and stand-alone selling price.
Anonymous Author
If you want a good refresher or overview of ASC 606, this course provides that. If you wanted answers on how COVID impacts the application of ASC 606, this course is good at identifying questions to consider but leave many questions unanswered.
Anonymous Author
Never thought about the COVID-19 pandemic could affect various aspects of an entity's revenue recognition. Glad that I take the course to gain some knowledge of this.
Member's Profile
Very informative, course, buy too much repetitions from the Revenue recognition course. Would have preferred more of the COVID19 impact discussion with more examples.
Anonymous Author
This course provides very relevant and interesting information on the new revenue recognition standard and the impact of Covid on this new standard.
Anonymous Author
The overall course was very informative and covered implications under each step of the RR process. Delivery could have been more enthusiastic.
Anonymous Author
I found this course section very interesting and complex. I don't think all of this will be very applicable going forward but good to know.
Anonymous Author
Good explanation of the steps involved in revenue recognition for contracts and the impact of COVID-19. PDF of slides is a useful reference.
Anonymous Author
Great course and very relevant topic considering the implications Covid is having on the current business environment.
Member's Profile
Very nice information to get you to think about COVID considerations. No course will be able to cover all scenarios.
Anonymous Author
Great course and very interesting on the impacts that covid has had on the revenue recognition model.
Member's Profile
Very concise and easy to follow. The slides will serve as an excellent reference tool. Thank you.
Member's Profile
Great topic. Timely and informative. Useful information given the current state of the economy.
Anonymous Author
Very helpful session to highlight the many considerations that Covid may affect for 606.
Anonymous Author
Very good summary depicting Covid concerns and considerations that must be evaluated
Anonymous Author
very relevant course given the current pandemic and implications to all industries
Anonymous Author
excellent info for current time effects of the pandemic and what to consider
Anonymous Author
Really great information regarding the impact of covid


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Course Syllabus
  6:40Introduction to COVID Impact on Revenue Recognition Standard
  8:01Overview COVID-19 Impact
Five Step Model
  10:46Five Step Model
  10:05Step One: COVID 19 Challenges
  5:44Other Considerations
  10:20Step Two: Performance Obligations
  6:39COVID-19 Implications to Performance Obligations
  4:19Step Three: Transaction Price
  10:35COVID Implications on Step Three
  3:58Step Four: Allocate and COVID Implications
  4:56Step Five: Recognize Revenue
  1:26:06COVID Impact on Revenue Recognition Standard
  PDFSlides: Revenue Recognition COVID Implications
  PDFRevenue Recognition COVID Implications Glossary/ Index