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This course is appropriate for anyone lacking prior corporate or “big” board experience interested in honing in their skills so that they can be accepted onto one or more of the boards they desire, regardless of their background.

This course has been created based in part on the workshops Dr. Diamond (the instructor) conducted for women interested in joining corporate boards.  As you may know, the laws have changed and as of January 2020 it is expected that at least 40% of the people on EU corporate boards be women and other nations are following.

However, this course is great for people of all backgrounds as it provides important insights, whether you are from an under-represented group or whether you will be hiring and working with those groups from your position on a board (and you almost certainly will).

Learning Objectives

  • Explore types of boards and expectations for involvement on each type
  • Discover your own strengths and values to offer the board of your choice
  • Recognize some of the behaviors that work – and some that are a detriment to successfully participating in board decisions
  • Identify what your responsibilities might be should you be selected for the board of your choice.
Last updated/reviewed: May 10, 2022

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10 CoursesMastering Board of Directors Participation

  1. Types of Boards and Expected Level of Participation in Each
  2. Integrating and Training Your Board Member
  3. Assertiveness Skills for Executives, Managers and HR Professionals
  4. Preparing to Be on a Board
  5. Board Participation
  6. Creating Rewards and Recognitions that Get You What You Want to Achieve
  7. Volunteers Working Together
  8. Group Decision Making and Problem Solving
  9. Management of Meetings, Committees and Boards
  10. Raising Funds: Investments – Donations – Events – Grants

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Anonymous Author
This was a good guidance for my ready for getting on corporate board. I have some problems in publicly talking on the board meeting, which my role required a lot. I will practice the skill mentioned in the course and gradually improve my leadership skills!
Anonymous Author
Excellent presentation and discussion of what one needs to consider in preparing to be on a Board, with practical insights and examples.
Member's Profile
Good information, especially for those thinking about joining a board. The sound quality hurts the effectiveness toward the end. .
Member's Profile
Gives good insight and encouragement to prepare to get on boards.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  12:16About The Boards
  20:28Getting Ready
  8:27The Ideal Board Member
  9:22Overview of Responsibilities
  6:29What Type of Boards Fits for You
  2:50The Interview
Continuous Play
  1:05:23Preparing to be on a board
Supporting Materials
  PDFSlides: Preparing to Be on a Board
  PDFPreparing to Be on a Board Glossary/Index
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