As Accounts Payable (AP) professionals, we can tend to panic when we hear the word “Audit”.  This could be for several reasons; concerns that issues will be uncovered, worried about the amount of time needed away from day-to-day work or just stressing about meeting with auditors and answering questions correctly. Don’t take these audits personally and don’t face them alone.  You are part of a team.

Chances are the audits are required by the company, or by external accountants or municipalities, to ensure operations are above board.  In some cases, customers may demand certain audits before agreeing to do business with a company. 

In this course, learn some tips and best practices of how to prepare for an audit once you have been notified one is to be held. Learn the benefits of becoming a willing participant and who to reach out to for help.  If the AP team discovers an issue while preparing for an audit, don’t try to hide it.  Steps to be taken to disclose issues will also be addressed in this program. 

Yes, there can be repercussions if issues are found. Learn what needs to be done to correct the finding and what should be done to reduce the risk of that issue reoccurring. 

Learn to embrace any audit process.  The findings could also be a validation that the Accounts Payable Operations are running as they should.  Isn’t that the goal?

Learning Objectives
  • Discover the pros and cons of having Audits within Accounts Payable (AP).
  • Identify which teams might need to be involved to have a successful audit.
  • Explore what can be done to address findings moving forward.
  • Recognize ways to find and address issues before audits occur.
Last updated/reviewed: March 8, 2024
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Anonymous Author
A very informative course on understanding from an overview perspective why an audit maybe actually a good thing and considerations one should consider when it is being performed. The instructor is clear and gives examples which is very helpful in understanding the subject matter. Great job!

Anonymous Author
This lecture presents some things to consider regarding audit of Accounts Payable.

Anonymous Author
Presenter was thorough and course content appropriate.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Preparing for Audits1:54
  Preparing for Audits – Part 15:37
  Preparing for Audits – Part 26:10
  Identifying Requirements and Making a Plan5:17
  Benefits of and Managing an Audit8:05
  Review of Results and How to Reply4:08
  Company Mandated and Other Audits7:36
  Conclusion of Preparing for Audits2:21
  Preparing for an Audit of Account Payable Processes and Procedures Full Video40:54
  Slides: Preparing for an Audit of Account Payable Processes and ProceduresPDF
  Preparing for an Audit of Account Payable Processes and Procedures Glossary/IndexPDF