This course provides the financial professional with detailed tutorials on how to customize the provided Excel Financial Forecast Model and Valuation Model templates as well as how to construct the formal Capital Plan and Valuation Report provided in Part I of this course.

The Excel spreadsheet tutorials review each tab in detail and explain the logic and functions of each “engine.” The valuation and financial models are linked so any changes to the market-based assumptions in the financial model “flows” through to the valuation. The initial valuation is analyzed to determine if the valuation is “in balance” and if “out of balance,” steps are taken to create a “balanced investment.” 

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

2 CoursesNew Venture and Product Valuation

  1. Pre-Revenue New Venture and New Product Valuation Technique: Part I
  2. Pre-Revenue New Venture and New Product Valuation Technique: Part II
Learning Objectives
  • Discover the New Venture and New Product Valuation Technique.
  • Recognize how to manipulate and customize the Financial Model and Valuation Templates.
  • Recognize how to analyze the results to determine if the valuation is balanced.
  • Discover how to create a formal valuation document. 
Last updated/reviewed: March 26, 2024
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Concepts are good, following it without studying the spreadsheets before listening to video is confusing. I think some of the things manualyl done could be automated and protected as I think likelihood of forgetting to do something important in the process is high

Anonymous Author
Well thought out and presented modeling example with underlying logic explained clearly. Having the templates to use for reference helps the information sink in.

Anonymous Author
Great course that explains the use and functionality of the Financial and Valuation Model templates with a step by step approach.

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A bit of a rehash of Part 1 - but still a valuable rehash Got to love Excel for this one :)

Anonymous Author
Good hands-on activity on valuation. The sample provided gave good insights and practice.

Anonymous Author
Solid program with a good template / model to utilize.

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Great course..

Anonymous Author
Good overview.

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Great course

Course Complexity: Advanced

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other course in the series prior to completing this one.

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Course Syllabus
Financial Model
  Financial Model Approach6:41
  Financial Model Problems6:30
  Financial Model Tutorial13:09
  Financial Model Tutorial (continued)14:32
Valuation Model
  Valuation Model Review13:45
  Valuation Model Approach4:39
  Valuation Tutorial10:09
Illustrative Examples
  Illustration Introduction4:36
  Illustration Financial Model13:50
  Illustration Financial Model (continued)6:24
  Illustration Valuation Model10:20
  Course Summary7:12
Continuous Play
  Pre-Revenue New Venture and New Product Valuation Technique: Part II2:01:37
  Slides: Pre-Revenue New Venture and New Product Valuation Technique: Part IIPDF
  Pre-Revenue New Venture and New Product Valuation Technique: Part II Glossary/IndexPDF
  Valuation Report Boiler PlatePDF