It’s appraisal time – and everyone groans.  Management is uncomfortable having to fill out the forms and grade staff.  Staff is uncomfortable because there might be some bad surprises.  Everyone agrees, the once a year performance appraisal is worthless.

So why do we continue to use it?  Unfortunately, because that’s what we’ve always done.

This course is designed to show you there are better ways to appraise and motivate employees.  The frequent highly interactive conversation about performance has been found to be far more effective than a one-sided “report card.”



Learning Objectives
  • Explore different appraisal styles and topics.
  • Identify aspects of appraisals that will work well for your organization.
  • Discover the value of well-done 360-Degree appraisals.
  • Recognize what works well – and what is still merely pro forma.
  • Discover how you will be motivated to teach all your managers the importance of frequent and positive interactive feedback with their charges.
Last updated/reviewed: August 8, 2023
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Anonymous Author
An effective and timely refresher on performance evaluations as my organization just kicked off our annual performance management cycle. As a leader, I'm particularly fond of leveraging 360 degree evaluations for all levels with my organization to actively engage the entire team in assessing performance and providing everyone with the opportunity to reflect on strengths, opportunities, and competency-based behaviors.

Anonymous Author
I really enjoyed this presentation. I agree that annual evaluations are worthless! Believe it or not, it can get even worse; our company owns numerous facilities and each one is a little different, as to the services they provide. The job descriptions are sent out by corporate and extremely generic and the evals match, and both are password protected so you cannot tailor them to match your facility. So sad!

Anonymous Author
The course provided some insightful but limited examples of regular performance evaluations. Good take always included a staffs evaluation of managers and a few techniques on generating discussion in the frequent 1-1.

Anonymous Author
I have worked for several companies that have standardized performance appraisals to just check off a box. This course helps you to consider how to conduct performance appraisals for the best results.

Anonymous Author
Helpful suggestions and just in time for our companies annual review process. I am looking forward to implementing some of these changes with my team.

Anonymous Author
Great course for how reviews should be conducted. However this is by far not how they actually happen unless you have a truly great manager

Anonymous Author
This is a good reminder of what performance evaluations should be. Not just a talking point, but a way to help career growth.

Anonymous Author
Very interesting presentation, allows for one to have a broader perspective of what appraisals should entail.

Member's Profile
I found this a great refresher as I get closer to the dreaded year end evaluations. Good examples.

Anonymous Author
This course was engaging and thought provoking, and I enjoyed the material.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Performance Appraisals that Get Positive Results1:17
  What is Performance Appraisal?6:54
  Typical Types of Evaluations4:20
  Interactive Appraisal that Enable Employees to Succeed13:17
  360 Degree Evaluations8:16
  What we Want from Management12:11
  Summary and Conclusions 2:22
  Performance Appraisals that Get Positive Results48:36
  Slides: Performance Appraisals that Get Positive ResultsPDF
  Performance Appraisals that Get Positive Results Glossary/ IndexPDF