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An OD perspective begins with an understanding that the organization is a human system and an OD practitioner will work within that system to facilitate the creation of a healthy and effective organization. Providing a practice based OD tool-kit, this article demonstrates how OD can be used to support people playing an active role in driving positive organizational change.

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Last updated/reviewed: June 21, 2021

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11 CoursesOrganization Development Certification

  1. History and Evolution of Organization Development (OD) and Change
  2. Organization Development (OD) in Practice
  3. Organization Development (OD): The Diagnostic Phase
  4. Designing Organization Development (OD) Interventions
  5. Appreciative Inquiry in Practice
  6. Organization Development (OD): The Evaluation Phase
  7. Organizational Frameworks
  8. Organization Design Theory and Practice
  9. Leading Change and the Use of Self
  10. Ethical and Professional Practice
  11. Organizational Development: A Tool Kit for People-Led Change (Article)

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Overall, great course. I am officially new to the OD field, but have been developing my capabilities through various L&D roles and projects. This gave me a great baseline of knowledge and many avenues for my continuing education. Please do take a look at the review and exam questions I pointed out in some of the
Anonymous Author
I would suggest delivery of the information provided to be from an upbeat facilitator. It's difficult when doing such a lengthy course and hearing an enthusiastic, speaker makes a bigger impact on retaining information for many.
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I have lot of experience working as OD. Some of the chapters are okay but there is no proper examples. Its not worth what I am paying to added. I wish I would have speeded this much time and money somewhere else,
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This tied a lot of the pieces together into a nice starting point for those wanting to be an OD practitioner, or just for a comprehensive look at what OD is all about, and how it is implemented. Good Job!
Anonymous Author
Good intro for new OD practitioner. It would have been better if we could get to hear some best practices or real-life scenarios on how certain frameworks are used in actual organizations.
Anonymous Author
The modules are very helpful. Maybe case studies to be answered will help more the learner to understand the concepts.
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I only had 1 pg in my PDF and it was really well written but I didn't get to finish, as there was only 1 page.
Member's Profile
Very comprehensive, took a lot of notes to assimilate the information.
Anonymous Author
Good course, I've been an OD practitioner so I enjoyed this content

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