In a profession where many CPAs and accountants operate as generalists, specializing within a niche can provide a huge competitive advantage.  Many firms have realized that the more focused their practices become, the more their practices grow.  Plus, clients and prospects will travel further, wait longer, and also pay higher fees to work with a specialist. 

In this course, Andrew Schwartz, CPA, has boiled down his 30+ years of experience from organically building his narrowly focused niche specialty CPA firm into an easy-to-follow 6-step Niche marketing plan for your firm’s specialty. Many course attendees will leave the session with a new excitement to commit to a niche and will realize how easy it is to build a successful firm or practice group working primarily with those clients from industries or other niches that you actually choose to work with.

According to one of Andrew’s colleagues who began building her niche CPA practice in the late 1990’s: 

“I started my tax practice with a variety of clients that I had found via community and civic associations.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the nuances of different occupations and businesses so that I could provide quality services to those clients.  Once I concentrated on [prospects within my niche], my practice changed for the better. By focusing on one type of client, I was able to provide services that were tailored just to that profession. My clients are relieved that I know what they are talking about when they speak in the jargon of their profession.  The have confidence in my opinion as I have solved whatever their issue is for another client already.  I am now known as an expert on issues [affecting professionals in my niche] in my geographical area and get many referrals because of this.” 

Course Key Concepts: Accountant, CPA, niche, specialist, specialty, benchmark

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how specializing within a niche is preferable in today’s competitive business environment
  • Discover how to easily create a six-step marketing plan for your specialty
  • Discover the importance of writing a concise vision statement for your niche
  • Identify a meaningful tagline for your firm’s specialty using examples provided in the course
  • Identify from real-life marketing strategies Andrew used to grow his firm’s niche client base


Last updated/reviewed: March 24, 2024
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Anonymous Author
The course contains excellent pragmatic tips all given by an enthusiastic, witty, and extremely knowledgeable presenter.

Anonymous Author
The course is well organized and clear. Also the learning objectives are met and the program materials are relevant.

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As Mel Brooks once wrote and said in a movie, "Let the Swartz be with you." Great little marketing course.

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got some ideas. have to keep writing though. still need to write more

Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course

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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction To 6 Step Niche Marketing Plan10:00
  Commit To The Niche9:36
  Your Meaningful Tagline7:18
  Dig Deep Within The Niche9:23
  Turbocharge Your Speciality19:26
  Network With Other Specialists4:59
  Spread The Word16:10
  Create a 6-Step Niche Marketing Plan for Your Practice1:17:30
  Slides: Create a 6-Step Niche Marketing Plan for Your PracticePDF
  Create a 6-Step Niche Marketing Plan for Your Practice Glossary/IndexPDF