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2020 was a year to forget, but not so fast. While tragic is so many ways - loss of livelihoods, personal sacrifice, loss of life - there were also so many lessons learned. There were also many tales of amazing resilience and creative inspiration.

These are the memories, the best practices, and the growth mindset we want to hold onto from this experience. In this course, you will learn how the Covid pandemic forever changed our working lives.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore and adopt best practices in disaster recovery coming out of the Covid Pandemic.
  • Identify easy ways to not only survive, but thrive during crisis.
  • Discover and make your organization more effective and productive.
Last updated/reviewed: May 21, 2022

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Anonymous Author
Blair Cook is one of my favorite instructors on Illumeo, so I seek out his courses. Once again, he didn't let me down. This course is especially interesting because it is recent and relevant to the new normal of business life. I took away 2-3 ideas that I'd like to implement with my team. Good, fun course!
Anonymous Author
Great course and some good takeaways in adjusting for the pandemic business world as well as realizing all of the opportunities (not just the negatives) that have popped up as well.
Anonymous Author
This is a great course and very timely given the current situation. The speaker is very knowledgeable and a lot of valuable information was shared all throughout the course.
Anonymous Author
Insightful course on navigating professional world changes amidst pandemic and post-pandemic operational adjustments in order to not just survive, but thrive.
Anonymous Author
Excellent presentation and discussion of new business best practices after the pandemic, with practical examples and suggestions.
Anonymous Author
Skilled presentation from instructor. Useful suggestions for enhancing virtual meetings and work-from-home practices.
Anonymous Author
Some of the material was common sense also a little outdated since this was made more than 6 months ago.
Member's Profile
Enjoyed the presentation and perspective. It was applicable to the situation we are facing.
Member's Profile
Dated info in Dec 2021 and much of the content was common sense. Do like the instructor.
Anonymous Author
The class helps gain an understanding of the new business challenges faced post COVID.


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation, prerequisite Education or Experience are required for this course.

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Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
Introduction and overview
  3:07Introduction to New Business Best Practices After Living Through a Global Pandemic
  8:03Relationship Re-Building
  5:24Disaster Discovery
  7:15We Work Where We Live
  7:52Flattening Organizational Structure
  8:28Rise of Virtual Meetings
  7:42Technology and New Office Applications
  5:28Pro-fresh-ional Development
  5:01Globalization, Glocalization and Locaglization
  1:38Final Thought
  54:35New Business Best Practices After Living Through a Global Pandemic
  PDFSlides: New Business Best Practices After Living Through a Global Pandemic
  PDFNew Business Best Practices After Living Through a Global Pandemic Glossary/ Index