In this first course managers learn about Generational Cohort Theory, the theory which multi-generational workplace management is built upon. Unlike stereotyping, generational cohort theory allows us to talk about generational differences from a place of academic understanding, a critical differentiator in this field.

In Managing in a Multi-Generational Workplace: Defining the Generational Cohorts, we introduce Generational Cohort Theory and describe how it is used to differentiate members of today’s workforce.  The four generational cohorts currently in today’s workforce will be defined, the influencing events of each will be discussed, and the core values and distinguishing characteristics of each will be introduced. 

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

3 CoursesManaging in a Multi-Generational Workplace

  1. Managing in a Multi-Generational Workplace: Defining the Generational Cohorts
  2. Managing in a Multi-Generational Workplace: The Cohorts at Work
  3. Managing in a Multi-Generational Workplace: Managing Generational Diversity
Learning Objectives
  • Identify Generational Cohort Theory and recognize how it explains the differences between members of today’s workforce.
  • Discover how to use Generational Cohort Theory to describe what events have influenced the development of each of the generational cohorts in today’s workforce.
  • Identify the four generational cohorts currently in today’s workforce.         
  • Explore the main differentiating factors between members of each generational cohort.



Last updated/reviewed: August 10, 2023
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This was an amazing course that I recommend for company decision makers. It was very eye-opening (unfortunately not too surprising for the tech world) but really spoke to some of our own company's challenges and reaffirmed we are already taking the right steps forward. The background stats and providing a detailed look into why generations act/respond the way they do was incredible.

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I did the 2nd course first and then went back and did this one and the 3rd one! I highly recommend! But in retrospect, I wish I had done them in the proper order!

Anonymous Author
It is always interesting to review the various generational cohorts and the various core values and how they might be a factor in the work place.

Anonymous Author
This course is very good. I will be taking the other two courses offered by the instructor. The topics are very organized and well presented.

Anonymous Author
as a manager I have a diverse team, Boomer to Millenials. This made perfect sense and aligned to what I see daily.

Anonymous Author
The material was easy to understand and a good overview of the different generations.

Anonymous Author
More thorough the other courses here on generational differences.

Anonymous Author
Good summary of the characteristics of the different generations.

Member's Profile
Great perspective on different generational cohorts.

Course Complexity: Foundational

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Managing in a Multi-Generational Workplace: Defining the Generational Cohorts1:05
Defining the Generational Cohorts
  Defining the Generational Cohorts11:01
  Generational Cohort Theory Activity 13:45
  Generational Differences Defined 15:08
  Narcissism and Empathy in the Workplace 12:07
  What Should This All Mean to You5:55
Continuous Play
  Managing in a Multi-Generational Workplace: Defining the Generational Cohorts59:10
  Slides: Defining the Generational CohortsPDF
  Defining the Generational Cohorts Glossary/IndexPDF