In this course we discuss the payroll laws as to the timing of payment of wages to employees and how often those payments must be made. We start with a brief overview on pay frequency. From there we discuss timing requirements for payment of wages to employees based on state law.

We also cover termination pay to employees and how to pay final wages to deceased employees. Next we discuss the methods by which employers can pay their employees, including the details/information that must be included on pay statements provided to employees.  We conclude with how unclaimed wages are handled by employers. 

This course will serve as a review for payroll and Human Resources (HR) professionals who need to sharpen their fundamental understanding of payment of employees’ wages and how they could potentially impact the organization and the overall employee experience.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify state law requirements for paying employees
  • Identify state law requirements for paying employees after termination
  • Discover how to pay deceased employees their final wages
  • Identify the methods that can be used to pay employees
  • Explore the details to provide on pay statements to employees
  • Explore how to handle unclaimed wages
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This was an excellent webinar. It was full of information that is useful in our everyday payroll jobs.

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great overview. She did a good job of covering relevant points and focusing on important concepts.

Anonymous Author
Method of payment for wages was a very informative class. Like that an overview is done at the end

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Excellent presentation of the methods of payment of wages and the legal aspects involved.

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very basic course on payroll based on federal standards and goes over some state's rules

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Good course. Basic level payroll employees would benefit from this class.

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The course was a good review of the methods of wage payment.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Method of Payment for Wages1:38
  Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA)13:55
  Payment Methods 15:24
  Payment Methods (Continued)16:56
  Termination Payments, Unclaimed Wages, Course Recap.14:43
Continuous Play
  Methods of Payment for Wages 1:02:36
  Slides: Methods of Payment for WagesPDF
  Methods of Payment for Wages Glossary/IndexPDF