For a corporation to succeed in its chosen markets it must deliver results at least equal to and, preferably, greater than its competitors.

Profit is often considered one of the major drivers of a company’s success; however, it is not the only driver. Afterall, if you are out of cash (i.e., liquidity) and your liabilities exceed your assets ,then you are out of business. How important will earnings be at that point in time?

What follows is the first of 8 lessons on “Managing the Modern Treasury” and why there needs to be corporate resources devoted to:

  • Managing liquidity
  • Understanding the risk of not having “enough”

For those interested in learning more about the treasury function these lessons should be considered introductory in that they cannot replicate in detail all of the knowledge needed to manage today’s complex multinational company that is continually buffeted by ever changing business conditions, many of which are outside of its direct control.

Just like any series, each lesson builds on the one before it. The lessons culminate in the last lesson which includes action steps which will improve a company’s performance by giving it a multi-dimensional view of performance that goes beyond earnings.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore why a treasury function is a requirement in determining a company’s success.
  • Identify what elements should be included in a treasury function.
  • Discover why treasury must work with both internal and external organizations in order to achieve success.
Last updated/reviewed: April 25, 2024
Course Complexity: Foundational

Those attending this course should have 5+ years of business experience in one of the following organizational entities: Treasury, FP & A or in Controllership function at the corporate level.

Completing all 8 lessons within this course will help prepare an individual to become a certified treasury professional (CTP) as well give those who are CTPs a refresher course on the many activities within the treasury function.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Managing the Modern Treasury0:48
  Basic Principles and Challenges of Company4:08
  Importance of Liquidity to a Company's Performance3:32
  Important Pillars of Treasury Function3:32
  Guiding Principles for a Treasury Function3:56
  Evaluation of Treasury Performance3:34
  Risk Affecting Treasury's Operations4:34
  Managing the Modern Treasury24:04
  Slides: Managing the Modern Treasury: Why a Corporate Treasury Function is a NecessityPDF
  Managing the Modern Treasury: Why a Corporate Treasury Function is a Necessity Glossary/IndexPDF