What is a toxic person?  He or she is like the rotten apple that spoils the bunch.  The toxic person is typically far more dangerous than people we identify as different or difficult.  That’s why it is so important for management to be able to identify this type of person and intervene before more harm is done to others – and to the company.

There are people we work with that are different from us – some are even difficult to interact with comfortably and we have courses designed to give you techniques for dealing with peers who are different or difficult.

This is about the type of person who is a whole level worse to deal with than just difficult people. It is about the person whose behavior actually harms others – slowing down their contributions to the company.  Thus it becomes management’s responsibility to keep them in check.


Learning Objectives
  • Recognize toxicity by showing you examples of toxic people.
  • Identify some of the differences and similarities between difficult people and toxic people and the reactions they cause in others.
  • Discover differences between those that are merely difficult and those that actually harm others by their behavior.
  • Explore strategies to intervene, managers (and staff) will pick what works for them and for the rest of their staff.
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Anonymous Author
interesting course, I sure wish this course was required by our upper management so they could actually see this happening in our workplace today; however I feel they already know and just ignore as if they didn't as it would require them to take action

Anonymous Author
The instructor presented effective learning materials as well as several real-world examples/scenarios to reinforce key learnings. The supporting materials are served as a valuable reference to augment the course. A great refresher!

Anonymous Author
I personally do not think this presentation was effective in meeting the course requirements. It appeared this was more an anecdotal story telling than providing solutions in dealing with toxic people.

Anonymous Author
This course brought to light how one toxic person can cause others to react. The course made good suggestions how to deal with a toxic person and still keep the person productive.

Anonymous Author
Excellent presentation and discussion of Management's role in dealing with toxic people, their effect on the work team, with practical techniques and examples provided.

Anonymous Author
It was very interesting. Thank you. the author gave interesting examples and showed a response model of behavior

Anonymous Author
I liked the personal story; helped to draw a relationship between the topic and how it applies in real life.

Anonymous Author
Geared toward mgmt more than HR - but provided good real-life examples.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Management’s Role in Dealing with Toxic People8:57
  Toxicity in The Workplace8:36
  Why Management Should Care6:50
  The Difference Between Working With The Toxic Person and The Different People4:11
  Management's Responsibilities 12:02
  Summary and Conclusions 6:19
  Management’s Role in Dealing with Toxic People46:55
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