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In one short course, you receive clear guidance on practical steps to becoming a better manager. This course includes a revised description of the role of a manager and how management includes many aspects of leadership.   

This course builds on the work of Ken Blanchard, Henry Mintzberg, and many others, and applies equally to managers in all sectors in the for-profit world, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions.  These new standards and best practices for managers apply globally and will lead to greater motivation for employees, greater satisfaction by -- and respect for -- managers, and will improve the culture of your organization.  For consultants, this course provides excellent material for you to use in helping guide organizations.

Today, employees rarely leave companies, they leave bad managers.  The skills and aptitude necessary to be an effective manager can be taught, but they also require discipline and forthrightness.  Management failures now extract a huge cost, and this course analyzes how management has failed in several recent instances causing great harm to people and hundreds of millions, even billions, of dollars of losses to the organizations.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore why significant management failures occur.
  • Discover how you can become a better manager.
  • Explore key principles showing how management and leadership are linked and are mutually supportive.
  • Recognize how to work with key stakeholders to improve how you manage them and how they help you manage others.
  • Discover how improved and honest communication with those who report to you can and will make you a better manager.
  • Recognize how the laws are shifting to punish bad management severely.
Last updated/reviewed: May 4, 2022

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Anonymous Author
The course was very helpful and provide some tips on being a successful manager
Anonymous Author
This is a very interesting course. I have worked in different organizations and have seen different management styles. This course gave me better insights to improve myself as a manager. It provides a lot of helpful tips that I will definitely apply. The time allotted is about right. The speaker is also good. This course is highly recommended.
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This was a good course. I truly enjoyed it. There were helpful directives on how to manage employees with purpose by assessing their abilities, building them up where needed, and keeping them happy for retaining.
Member's Profile
Clear and detailed presentation, I believe it should count as a 2hrs or 2CPE because of the amount of the material covered
Member's Profile
Managment is not an exact science and managers need professional advice like what is given in this course. Thank you.
Anonymous Author
It was beneficial for me to understand in-depth about the strategies of being a good manager. Thank you!
Anonymous Author
it was okay. Offer more relatable scenarios that impact employees in the work place.
Anonymous Author
Very informative. It was easy see the real world applications of the material.
Anonymous Author
fairly general but a good overview given the limited time available.
Member's Profile
Good course with some keytake aways for new managers.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  2:26Management: Keys to Being a Successful Manager
Section 1
  8:27Mintzberg on Management
  11:38Lessons for the New Manager
  12:29Presentations by Managers
  8:23Key Elements of Successful Managing
Section 2
  11:51Managers, Motivation, Meetings & Culture
Section 3
  4:47Managing UP - Managing Your Managers
  1:00:01Management: Keys to Being a Successful Manager
  PDFSlides: Management: Keys to Being a Successful Manager
  PDFManagement: Keys to Being a Successful Manager Glossary/Index