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In the beginning, a group of friends and/or classmates joins forces to create a company.  They know and like each other. They have what they consider to be the greatest idea of the century, thus have dedication, excitement, and motivation.

How do you sustain this enthusiasm and creative output? 

It seems the larger the company, the more difficult it is to continue to innovate and be creative. I operationally define creativity to be as much a part of the process and innovation as the product.

Having spent many hours interviewing 50 C-Level executives about this topic, I have some ideas as to what goes wrong and what steps can be taken to revitalize the company.

In this course, we explore some of the common problems faced by companies as they grow. These problems include issues of teams, trust, and decision making, as well as the manner in which “good ideas” are expected to go up the chain of command.

I also explain the open-ended questionnaire I developed as I explored this dilemma, as well as the results of the interviews. Lastly, I offer some suggestions for how to encourage and receive the best of ideas from your employees.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the differences in staff interactions depending on the size of the company.
  • Identify the problems larger companies face when wanting innovation and creativity.
  • Recognize specific needs in order to maintain a culture of innovation and creativity.
  • Discover some solutions that will increase chances for more innovation and creativity.
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Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
  11:31Introduction to Maintaining a Culture of Innovation and Creativity
Maintaining the Culture
  10:47Size Comparisons & Issues
  12:25The Team
  4:59What Works
  14:07Stifling Creativity at Home and at School & Creative and Innovative Teams
  15:20My Research on Managing for Creativity and Innovation
  1:15:40Maintaining a Culture of Innovation and Creativity
  PDFSlides: Maintaining a Culture of Innovation and Creativity
  PDFMaintaining a Culture of Innovation and Creativity Glossary/Index