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The material presented is provided as an outline to areas which have been concerns and/or have been interpretative issues during licensing inspections (typically referred to as a licensing royalty audit). In addressing the matters in this presentation a licensor assists its auditors in identifying material underpayments or other matters of concern within a licensing agreement.

The Licensing industry has changed significantly with changes in distribution models, the economy and general accounting practices. These changes have affected the way revenues/receipts are collected and royalties are disbursed.

This course is designed for the legal and business representatives of rights holders in the Licensing industry. 

Learning Objectives
  • Identify certain provisions in a licensing agreement which affect both the royalty reporting and subsequent audit or inspection.
  • Define common terms that are used in a licensing agreement
  • Recognize whether a licensing agreement grants the licensors auditors access to necessary financial and accounting systems and reports.
  • Describe the support documentation for a variety of transaction types.
  • Identify possible language modifications to reduce interpretative disagreements. 
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Lots of good details...a bit slow at times on content but that might be impatient me talking. Some clients must have been burnt on occasion to include this level of detail/understanding of the licensee operations by the licensor, but I am sure this level is warranted where the licenses is either not competent (systems) or dishonest.

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Rather dry, but informative, from a Licensor perspective.

Course Complexity: Advanced

Prerequisite: Experience in licensing


Advanced Preparation:None


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Course Syllabus
  Record Keeping Provision and Reimbursement of Fees/Costs10:21
Definition of Terms
  Net Sales, Discounts, and Allowances7:10
  Payment Terms, Lic Terms, Royalties, Sublease Agreements and more.10:24
Licensee Business Practices
  Licensee Business Practices: Accounting 5:07
  Licensee Business Practices: Manufacturing Purchasing, and Sales6:26
Continuous Play
  Financial and Accounting Contract Considerations for Licensing Agreements46:52
  Slides: Financial and Accounting Contract Considerations for Licensing AgreementsPDF
  Financial and Accounting Contract Considerations for Licensing Agreements Glossary/IndexPDF