Now that we have all proven that we can at least cobble together a way for our people to work from home, what are some of the best ways to make this remote option work well for your A&A team moving into the future?

This hour starts with consistent elements of leadership that creates followership - which become more in need of intentionality when the team is remote, then it touches upon critical components of managing remote work such as setting expectations, equipping your team members, two-way and team communication frequency and methods, maintaining your firm culture, etc. We mention a few technology options along the way.

This course is appropriate for anyone in a people-supervisory position: from senior accountant to managing partner. The leadership elements can truly apply to anyone in any position within a firm.

Course Key Concepts: Leadership, Remote, Followers, Expectations, Culture, Management.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore four key elements of leadership that create followers.
  • Identify five critical logistical considerations in setting your team up for success.
  • Discover the longer-term benefits of enabling your remote teams.
Last updated/reviewed: June 23, 2021

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Anonymous Author
Great course on timely subject matter! Some really good tips and I think these are things that can not be as obvious to someone who has been at a company for awhile, however, can be very much needed for new hires to a company.
Anonymous Author
Very timely, no-nonsense advice. Even if you think you already know how to remote-work, this was a good moment to pause and think about what you can do differently in a post-COVID remote world.
Anonymous Author
Since I worked from home at the beginning of the pandemic, the items mentioned concerning the home office and atmosphere were good ideas to help those still working at home.
Anonymous Author
Very relevant course given COVID and a great reminder for all levels of management on how important it is to communicate, set expectations, and listen.
Anonymous Author
Very well thought out and presented lecture. Many things mangers may neglect / have neglected. Great take aways, highly recommend this class
Anonymous Author
Due to our current situation (pandemic) this was useful information for our organization. Thanks for the much needed information
Anonymous Author
Interesting discussion on the WFH topic. Addresses some core issues and sets a nice foundation.
Anonymous Author
Very helpful and informative. Enjoyed the commentary and personal guidance from the presenter.
Member's Profile
Enjoyed the course. There were some helpful tips to consider as you manage a team remotely.
Anonymous Author
This is a great course on things to consider and properly managing a remote team.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Supervisory or managerial position, or preparing to become a supervisor

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Course Syllabus
  4:36Introduction to Leading and Managing Your Remote Team Post Pandemic
  12:39Four Leadership Expectations
  14:57Remote Work Management Essentials
  5:16Remote Work Policy
  11:25Remote Work Rules
  8:06Benefits of Redefining Your Firm
  56:59Leading and Managing Your Remote Team Post Pandemic
  PDFSlides: Leading and Managing Your Remote Team Post Pandemic
  PDFLeading and Managing Your Remote Team Post Pandemic Glossary/ Index