This course explores how globalization has made virtual teams the "new normal" and how this is changing organizational relationships in profound ways. As a business necessity, these teams are only likely to increase, but they present many unique challenges. When global virtual teams are less effective than they could be, it is like leaving money on the table. 

To fully leverage the diversity of functions, cultures, learning styles and other differences to spark innovation, global teams need enhanced communication techniques, inclusive leadership and purposeful approaches that enable full participation of all team members. You will learn to identify the need for a formal process to make these teams work and how to apply a model to address their own organizational needs.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore how virtual teams are increasing as a result of globalization and technology
  • Identify virtual team advantages and disadvantages
  • Identify what actions are most important when building a virtual team
  • Identify how to diagnose when virtual team problems exist and recognize how to address them
  • Discover how to adapt your own leadership approach and become a great virtual leader
Last updated/reviewed: January 13, 2023
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Anonymous Author
The course is interesting. The speaker is effective and gave useful insights on how to develop and gain positive ways in dealing with diversity and globalization.

Anonymous Author
A lot of good information and suggestions. It would help if the slides are updated. Some slides were not in sequence and some are missing.

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This training provided a good, high-level introduction to the three main areas of focus when managing a global virtual team.

Anonymous Author
The instructor was engaging an there are lots of useful information. I will refer back to this course in the future.

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A lot of common sense - not sure I learned much here despite the significant topic

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super course, great content; would highly recommend to those needing GPHR credits

Anonymous Author
This course was pretty good. I appreciate the attention to detail in the slides.

Anonymous Author
Great course. Thank you so much. Much Appreciated. Good job. Easy to do.

Anonymous Author
Good insights. Would love if extended to international in-sourcing.

Anonymous Author
Well prepared and laid out. Flowed well from topic to topic.

Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Success Across Borders: Leading Global Virtual Teams1:11
Leading Global Virtual Team
  What is a Global Virtual Team (GVT)9:20
  Benefits of Global Virtual Teams11:29
  Research onTeams, Inclusion & Innovation 12:20
  Building Cultural Competence 11:25
  People and Process 8:56
  Technology and Talent 5:27
Continuous Play
  Success Across Borders: Leading Global Virtual Teams 1:00:08
  Slides: Success Across Borders: Leading Global Virtual TeamsPDF
  Success Across Borders: Leading Global Virtual Teams Glossary/IndexPDF