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When you recognize a need for new resources, how do you approach management to request the additional people or equipment? If you simply go to management to make the request, will it get approved? In many cases, you may not get an approval unless details are supplied. Of course, there is still no guarantee an approval will be given but chances are better if you can clearly state the issue or reason for the request; a justification.

Additionally, hear suggestions on presenting a request and justification to management. There is a right and wrong way in making a requesting. Management is not ready to approve a request? Don’t give up. Hear some tips and tricks on how to keep the conversation open.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore the steps to be taken to build a strong justification for additional accounts payable (AP) resources.
  • Discover the benefits in planning a proper presentation of the request for additional accounts payable (AP) resources.
  • Recognize actions to take if a request for additional accounts payable (AP) resources and/or tools is denied.
Last updated/reviewed: August 20, 2023

Included In Certifications

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16 CoursesAccounts Payable Management Certification

  1. Accounts Payable - Learn the Terminology
  2. A Deep Dive into the Responsibilities of Accounts Payable Operations
  3. The Vendor Master – Creating A Solid Foundation for Accounts Payable Processing
  4. The Basics of 1099's
  5. Prioritizing Accounts Payable Workload - Divide and Conquer
  6. Strengthening Vendor Relationships - Steps That Can Be Taken by Accounts Payable
  7. The Benefits of Reconciling Purchase Order Goods Receipts Not Yet Invoiced
  8. Reconciling Aged Open Payables and Outstanding Checks
  9. Benefits of An Accounts Payable Recovery Audit
  10. No PO, No Pay – Can It Work for Your Organization?
  11. What to Consider in an Accounts Payable Workflow Solution
  12. Creating an Accounts Payable Documentation Management Policy
  13. Communicating the Role of Accounts Payable to Others
  14. Justifying and Presenting the Needs of Accounts Payable Operations
  15. The Basics of Project Management for Accounts Payable
  16. KPIs and Metrics for Accounts Payable Manual Processes
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Anonymous Author
Very interesting information and suggestions that sometimes are not taking in count and they could give a huge change in your AP performance and management

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Very good course. Useful information for particular circumstances, love these type of lessons.

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Great way to view opportunities and presenting challenges.

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The instructor covered some very interesting points.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Justifying the Needs of AP Operations4:52
  Getting Prepared5:32
  Before, During, and After the Meeting5:37
  The Follow Up4:42
  The Conclusion3:29
  Justifying and Presenting the Needs of Accounts Payable Operations 24:15
  Slide: Justifying and Presenting the Needs of Accounts Payable OperationsPDF
  Justifying and Presenting the Needs of Accounts Payable Operations Glossary/IndexPDF