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We all should look to spread joy but there is a special breed of people whose very essence is to radiate joy. They can’t help themselves. It’s in their DNA. Over the years, I’ve noticed and encountered these individuals who radiate positivity.

I’ve studied the impact that Joy Spreaders make on organizational cultures. These special people breathe life into others, delight in the presence of customers and amplify the potential of their team. And beyond providing just warm fuzzies, these individuals have a profound impact on organizational cultures and can have enough of an effect on the bottom line to make the stodgiest, play-deprived bean-counter sit up and take notice.

There has been a wave of new job titles and roles to help provide an engaging workplace – Chief Happiness Officer, VP of Culture, Director of Fun. A Joy Spreader effectively makes those positions moot because they are the personification of all of those roles put together. Are they a bit unorthodox? You bet! Deadlines? Admittedly, they are not the best…but Joy Spreaders are gifted at accepting us, making us feel safe, secure and welcome, and putting us in a position to succeed. I don’t know of too many organizations that would pass on that.

This course will help you identify, appreciate, encourage, and retain these unique individuals.

Course Key Concept: Joy, Culture, Positive, Engagement, Life IQ, Neil Ihde, Fun.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the various characteristics of Joy-Spreaders.
  • Discover the unifying theme amongst Joy-Spreader signatures.
  • Identify the positive impact Joy-Spreaders have on organizational cultures.
Last updated/reviewed: June 30, 2020

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Anonymous Author
It was refreshing not to just be lectured at, the instructor used several stories to deliver the content. I recommend people taking the Myers-Briggs test prior to this course, it does help to know your own strengths & weaknesses before understanding others.


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  3:32Introduction to Joy Spreaders
  6:46Characteristics of Joy Spreaders
  17:35Meet The Joy Spreaders
  15:28Joy Spreaders Personalities
  15:52Why We Need Them in Our Organizations
  1:02:47Joy Spreaders
  PDFSlides: Joy Spreaders
  PDFJoy Spreaders Glossary/Index