Effective communications with stakeholders and shareholders is a key part of any CFOs role. This course is designed to help CFOs learn to think like an investor to get ahead of common miscommunication challenges, and:

  • Improve your personal effectiveness in meeting the needs of your CEO and board members
  • Drive important investor-board member dialogue
  • Better teamwork with your colleagues to engage and communicate with board members

This course begins with the audience and legal context for investor-company communications, then moves to types of investors and the range of roles within an investor organization with which companies must communicate. The course also covers the eight specific opportunities for CFOs to improve investor-company communications including, risk, compensation, governance and shareholder participation. The final “By the Numbers” section walks through a fundamental analyst toolkit, sharing screen shots from a popular analysis software package showing CFOs how they look under the analyst microscope.

Learning Objectives
  • Enumerate how to help your board members prepare for meetings with investors
  • Describe approaches and tools used by fundamental analysts to evaluate your company among the investor's options
  • Identify and detail methods for meeting the needs of your CEO and board members that are communicating with investors
Last updated/reviewed: August 6, 2023
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Anonymous Author
Great course. Brian provided some good tips on the objectives of the different types of investors so that the right information can be provided to the right people at the right time.

Anonymous Author
This course provides good insights from experienced professionals.

Anonymous Author
Analyst perspective was the most useful part of the course

Anonymous Author
Useful information regarding what investors look at.

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Good to hear two perpectives

Anonymous Author
Good Content

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Course Complexity: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Exposure to investor relations


Advanced Preparation: None


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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Company Communication Audience and Legal Context1:31
  What is and Who are Investors?4:54
  With Whom are You Communicating?4:47
  Investor - Board Member Dialogue 29:34
Analyst Perspective and Numbers
  Analyst Perspective 6:02
  By The Numbers13:01
  Course Summary 2:50
  Slides: 8 Opportunities for CFOs to Improve Investor-Company CommunicationsPDF
  8 Opportunities for CFOs to Improve Investor-Company Communications Glossary IndexPDF