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Newspapers have recently reported many stories of complaints of sexual harassment being either poorly or entirely un-investigated.  This neglect, if true, led to additional behaviors and reports by alleged victims of these accusations. If they just exist as rumors and are, in fact, untrue, the reputation of the person (or persons) being accused is destroyed almost as badly as it would have been if there had been an investigation and this person was found guilty. And in either case, the victims (alleged or in fact) received no justice. No matter what, it is important to take any complaint seriously – and to make sure there is a neutral, comprehensive and fair investigation conducted.

This course starts off by offering two examples of accusations being brushed off by management – and the ensuing results. Next, we do a very brief review of the laws pertaining to harassment and discrimination. After this, the focus is on how to conduct a neutral, comprehensive, and fair investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct in a corporate setting, along with additional case studies.

This course covers how to conduct an investigation into a complaint of inappropriate behavior in the workplace - and what to do if the complaint reveals a problem.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify when it is appropriate to assign tasks by sex
  • Explore the laws pertaining to harassment and discrimination
  • Explore methods for reporting inapproriate activity
  • Explore how to conduct a neutral, comprehensive, and fair investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct in a corporate setting
  • Mitigate risk management and workforce issues with proper investigative process
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This was an informative and useful presentation. The steps and instructions were presented in a logical order and, if needed, should be easy to follow if the need for an investigation occurs.
Anonymous Author
The course was very informative and will help with any harassment claims we may have. There were may "take aways" that will help me put together a harassment claim checklist and packet.
Anonymous Author
For me, there's too much focus on sexual harassment. Other types of complaints were not considered in equal detail.
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This course provides excellent practical information regarding investigating a complaint in the workplace.
Anonymous Author
The course is very interesting. I did not know when clients request women, we only need to select women
Anonymous Author
The real life scenarios were thought-provoking and added to meat to the presentation.
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Informative in nature but the candy in the instructor's mouth was very distracting.
Anonymous Author
Love the examples frequently sited - makes the instruction more relevant.
Anonymous Author
Good use of situations and examples to relate the course material to.
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maybe it's just me but most of this stuff seems rather obvious?
Anonymous Author
Good refresher on appropriate workplace behavior.
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Excellent course
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Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
Examples, Policy, and Laws
  8:31True Stories of Investigations
  5:07Policy and Types of Complaints
  11:14Harassment and Discrimination Laws for the Workplace
  11:09Other Examples and Management's Initial Decisions
Investigation and Report
  12:03Investigation the Complaint the Initial Stage
  17:00Starting The Investigation and The Report
  5:10Management's Response and Course Summary
Continuous Play
  1:12:43Investigating a Complaint of Inappropriate Behavior in The Workplace
  PDFSlides: Investigating a Complaint of Inappropriate Behavior in The Workplace
  PDFInvestigating a Complaint of Inappropriate Behavior in The Workplace Glossary/Index
  PDFBonus Article