Business development and firm growth are some of the hottest topics in the industry currently. How do we promote growth? How do we obtain more clients while retaining current clients? How do we gain more market share? These are important topics for firm leaders to understand in order to maintain a healthy firm and unlock opportunities in a market that has traditionally been based on a price-driven commodity. We understand that business development can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task for those firm leaders who have historically been focusing on industry knowledge and service.

Course Key Concepts: Business Development, Client acquisition, Sales, New business, Growth strategies.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover and define the 5 states in the sales process.
  • Identify and list 5 ways to find your ideal client.
  • Explore and craft your perfect elevator pitch.
  • Discover and design a tailored elevator pitch.
  • Identify and list the 7 most common objections.
Last updated/reviewed: March 11, 2024
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Business development/sales is outside of my comfort area. The instructor did a good job of providing a framework for winning new clients, but could have been more effective by providing more concrete examples of how to execute.

Anonymous Author
It helps to have courses like this one that provide a roadmap for the CPA to sell. Having no experience in that area, this course aided me

Anonymous Author
the sales is something most accountants dont do very much so this is good for us bean counters

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good ideas . have to keep writing to get cert. not done, more writing

Anonymous Author
Informative course. I learned helpful ideas and it was well organized

Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Company: Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
Contact: For more information regarding this course, including complaint and cancellation policies, please contact our offices at (408) 400- 3993 or send an e-mail to .
Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Business Development6:36
  Plant Methodology for Sales and Business Development6:53
  Finding Prospects4:42
  Land Your First Meeting4:08
  Advocate your Unique Differentiator2:16
  Negotiate Your Terms5:15
  Time to Sign Your Client3:34
  Introduction to Business Development33:28
  Slides: Introduction to Business DevelopmentPDF
  Introduction to Business Development Glossary/ IndexPDF
  Workbook: Introduction to Business DevelopmentPDF