Illumeo Instructor


Q: How much experience do I need?
A: Sufficient to not only be expert at what you want to cover, but to be able to teach what you want to cover. If you have or are confident that you can build a course on your topic(s) of choice, contact us and we'll talk. Everyone's background is unique and we vet instructors one at a time on their own merits.

Q: What’s the process for building a course?
A: First off, we have process documents, tools and templates for every step of the process. This makes the process as simple as it can be. Sometimes instructors have content they can "borrow" from past courses/seminars/webinars that they have built, and other times they are starting from scratch. If it's the former, we have many courses that were built within hours. If it's the latter, it could take 6 to 10 hours to build a typical course. We work with you every step of the way, including 4 separate points at which we vet the ongoing content development. This greatly speeds progress and provides useful feedback to the instructor.

Q: How many courses can I teach?
A: As many as you would like. We have many instructors with over a half dozen courses, while others build only one or two. We'll take any number of courses you want to build, so long as they meet our quality standards.

Q: I don’t have any experience with online teaching, can you help me get started?
A: Absolutely. It's a lot easier than you think. We have the tools, templates and processes down and we work with instructors daily. If you have the knowledge and desire, we'll help you get your course built well and quickly.

Q: What are the technical requirements for building a course?
A: You need a computer. We will provide a headset and software for recording. It is that simple.

Q: What categories / areas of expertise are you looking for?
A: We're looking for all kinds of content, from corporate finance and accounting to human resources, sales, marketing, operations, procurement, program management, legal, leadership and management skills training. If it could be of use to a corporate professional, we want it!